Sub to exit strategies

Sub to exit strategies: five ways to close and exit a real state subject to investing property deal.  In this video I’m gonna share with you how in the past I have exited my subject to real estate deals as a real estate investor.


First of all what is subject to investing? 

A Sub 2 real estate deal is where a homeowner is distressed and they must sell their home therefore the homeowner is willing to become the buyers private bank there for the buyer does not have to get a loan from a mortgage company.  


Simply put the real estate home Seller- is super motivated and they’re willing to let the investor just take over their house payments, therefor the real estate investor does not have to have a down payment, nor credit, nor all the money to buy the home because the seller will just allow the buyer to just make payments to the underline that that’s already in place.  


Now let’s dive in to the five Sub 2 exit strategies that I’ve used in the past

  1. Move into the home and turn into my Homestead.
  2. Rent the property out and get passive income
  3. Become the bank myself and create a note an owner finance the house
  4. Wholesale out the subject to deal to another investor 


Make sure you watch the video to get all the ins and outs of Sub 2 where I stayed investing exit strategies they were working in today’s market 

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