How to Close a Seller Over The Cell Phone

Learning “How to Close a Seller Over The Cell Phone” is a most skill for real estate investors and real estate agents if you want freedom and if you want to grow your real estate business.

Closing the sellers of the phone is very hard thing to do, special if your new investors.

If you dont have the phone skill or if you dont know how to talk to motivate home owners or if you dont know what questions to ask a seller than it will be very hard to close the deal over the phone.

Three closing skills you must have to do real estate deals all over the phone are as follows:

1. LISTEN: You must listen 80% and talk 20%. That simply. As a real estate investor that want to buy real estate at a deep discount or if you want to take over houses payments from motivated sellers that you must work on your listen skills! Must real estate investors just talk and talk and talk! If you want to buy “subject to investing” deal you must master the art of listen and asking probing question.

2. EDUCATE: Teach the learn vs trying to sale the sellers.

3. Listen to the free training video one “how to close the deal over the phone” with real estate home sellers so you can get the deal and make bigger profits checks.

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