YouTube Marketing: 8 Creative Ways to Use YouTube for Real Estate Investment Business

YouTube Marketing: 8 Creative Ways to Use YouTube for Real Estate Investment Business

YouTube Marketing: 8 Creative Ways to Use YouTube for Real Estate Investment Business

YouTube Marketing Real Estate

YouTube Marketing Real Estate

Hey gang, this Mike with MyRealEstateDOJO and today I want to talk about YouTube marketing and 8 creative ways you can use YouTube as a real estate investor to make money. Let me say this one more time, I want to get a really great job, this is such an important topic today because this is free marketing, so we’re going to talk about YouTube marketing and 8 creative ways you can use YouTube for your real estate investing business. Many of you guys know that I’m a refugee to America and I highly believe in starting businesses with no debt and that includes marketing, so I like to use my imagination what the creator have given you and has given me, no matter what your lacks are, you have creativity in you and it’s your job to harvest that. Today I want to share some of the creative ways that you can implement in your business today using YouTube which is totally for free and if you’re an investor and you’re looking to buy houses, this is going to help you totally for free to build the credibility, to build audience, to generate leads to make sales for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying fix and flip, you’re trying to do land lording, you’re trying to do buy and hold, whole selling, note creation, owner financing, none of that stuff. I want to drill this in, these ideas I want to show you totally for free because any fool can tell you what to do to spend money, any fool can say get on Facebook and put five grand in it and it’s going to make money, any fool can say go get a list like foreclosure list and spend a dollar per letter and send out a thousand letters; any fool can do that, but it takes intelligence and simplicity which I’m going to give you right off my brain to help you generate business totally for free not spending any money, that’s what I believe in; entrepreneurship without debt, we don’t need the stinky banker. So let me get off the proper and help you guys get started. This stuff that I’m going to tell you, it doesn’t matter if you’re a new investor or you’re an expert, it doesn’t matter, you can both use it because I’m going to give you ideas that both of you guys can use.

YouTube Marketing Real Estate Investing

Like the first one, if you’re a new investor or you’re an expert, you can position yourself and get o YouTube and create a channel that doesn’t cost a dime, if you need a help, reach out to me, I’ll be happy to help you out and make yourself an expert even though you might not know anything about the business. For example, you could interview let’s say AC guy; so one day you have an AC guy for a company which they love to do, they’re not going to sell their company, they’re going to provide educational information like how to help the homeowners to save money on their electricity or how to keep their AC cost down or how to keep their repair bills down, one day you have a guy like that; the next day maybe you’ll have a roofer, and these people talk about why you should go inspecting, how you can fix one little patch and take thousands of dollars, whatever, what to do to extend the life of your roof and you introduce. So if you’re new and you don’t know anything about investing, there are tons of people out there; plumbing, foundation you can interview whatever you want, so many cool guys, so you are getting the idea. And if you don’t know anything about real estate investing, that’s great; start interviewing some of these people, not for them to say me, me, me, but actually for them to give their trade secrets of their years of working how to save your audience. Now why is that important? Let’s say that I’m an investor in California and I have house in Texas and I started Googling my residents in one of my properties and I have renters that are not paying, I’m frustrated, I got to do an eviction, I have to start Googling and they I see that company and I see an investor talking about AC’s; I’ll more likely to reach out to you because you have a connection that’s going to save you money and then I might just turn around and sell you my property or in that situation, you put yourself as the educator and you grow your audience people will refer your business. So the very first thing if you’re new and you don’t know anything is you can start interviewing other professionals that are directly related to the real estate industry that investors would want.

YouTube Marketing Real Estate Investors

Let’s talk about another thing that investors can do if they’re totally new. You can do videos about an area; let’s say you’re in Texas and there are lots of different subdivisions going on, I can do videos about what’s happening in Texas; for example: “hey in Madison, they’re building this multi-apartment buildings, and in Frisco they’re doing major house developments” and I go around this are, why is that important? So let’s say I’m an investor in California, I just sold my properties and I have tons of money and I need to move really quickly and I’m trying to learn about Texas; hey I can get on your buyer’s list because you’re the one I provide information about what’s happening in Texas, in Allison, in Frisco or in Denver or Boulder, what’s going on there. I’m making a buyer’s list, why I want to partner up with you or better yet I have a bunch of inventory and I’m retiring, I have ten foot rental properties and they’re in Texas and I’m learning about this, by educating that person about the area or what’s happening in the areas. For example in Las Vegas “hey the rangers are coming, Tesla is coming, so these are the insider information that most people probably won’t know about, and the property values are coming up. Your job in YouTube is not to sell; people are going to know what you, hey I buy houses but I’m educating you about the area, what’s going on in this area, are they commercial, is there a residential, are they doing apartment buildings? So you could be the expert in that area, and believe it or not; for example, when I was in Denver, I want to come to Las Vegas, I started researching Las Vegas online and I watched YouTube and the first one that I reached out to was somebody that doing videos about that area or an investor in that area because I figured out, they are the expert in that area. So it doesn’t matter what area in the country you are, you can be the expert in that area, which other investors will reach out to you or home owners and it’s a great way to position yourself as a leader and not just me, me, me. Get created, I’m just giving a couple of ideas guys.

Let’s say you’re an expert and you’re doing deals, let’s say you’re a fix and flipper, no problem; why don’t you start doing videos on when you do property acquisition, if I use a realtor what would you do like how did you guys do the, how many effort did you put in when you got the acquisition, when you start the company, when you start rehab level one and then you looked at it and just start documenting that. Because what happens is that when you’re out there marketing to a motivated seller, “here are the videos of all the properties that we bought like Bobby and Jose and Sally and of the company when we started acquisition, the rehab process, what happens when we put it on MLS, it has to show so you could become an expert, so you’re basically doing rehab videos. And again, what this does is it builds you credibility that you know what you’re doing. I’m talking to a seller and I say “look man, I have all these videos” and say “yeah my offer might be low and Bob over there, but look I have a track record of doing this, not only you can look at it, Jose’s house, Sally’s house, all these houses” so the tracker, when I want to do something, I’m going to do it; the other guy, he doesn’t have a website, you understand what I’m saying? So this is very important if you’re an expert, you go ahead and do that. Originally I’m from Iran guys.

YouTube Marketing Real Estate Agents

Point number four is, let’s say you’re a landlord, you’re a buy and hold guy, that you’re buying houses; so it makes a lot of sense to do videos about like evictions, like how you do your evictions, what is the eviction process, how does your house look like after the people left it, what is that going to do. Why would I do videos about that? Well if I’m talking to a seller and I’m a buy and hold guy, which I am; and he’s saying “I better rent the property up” I’ll say “great, I do this too, let me show you what I go through” and send him my playlist of all the evictions I had to do and some of the properties that made moneys, that cost me or how to pay an attorney, all these stuff; but I showed them so they can realize that, what I am doing to myself. I’ll give a notice like watch a video on YouTube and they talked about how to do X and you start doing a little bit and you think “this is so complicated, let me just call that guy and just let him do it” this is same exact thing. So if I’m a buy and hold guy, I will do videos about land lording; for example, I will do videos about the eviction process, not only one time but like every time you go to eviction you make a video about this property, what happened afterwards, I’ll also do a videos about the rental process like how it is going to work, and I’ll do as much video as possible, not just one time; I’ll try to make video about whatever that valued, not about me, me, me. So in land lording, you can do evictions, like how many evictions you did on a regular basis; you can do the rental process. So I’m giving you ideas you run with it because it’s very important to use your own imagination.

Another great idea is that you could do a lot of educational videos, what do I mean about educational? For me, Mr. Investor I give educational in an adjacent; for example, I buy houses, I’m an investor but I’m giving education which is how to be an investor. And then people watch my stuff, and then they refer people to me, “hey friend wants to sell their home, I have a co-worker, I have a girlfriend or we’re getting divorce” and they’ll reach out to me and they send me. So not only you can do educational; let’s say how to do fix and flip or how to do evictions or other information like foundation, HC but you do information to adjacent or human attitude; for example, you love playing guitar and you’re really good at guitar, then you can do videos about guitar and educate people, and even though you want to buy houses and it’s not on the same field, you just let people know that “hey, I’m doing guitar while I’m doing this for free for sharing, but I really buy houses” there are going to b people out there they’re going to appreciate it to you and they’re going to be your foot soldiers, they’re going to be out there and telling their friends, “the guy that’s on the video, he is that”. It doesn’t have to be real estate related, it can be adjacent; I’m not doing videos about land lording and eviction or rehabbing, I’m doing videos education about how to become an investor, and some of these people will just send me, some people are just going to check, and some people will just watch it, so there are all kinds of people out there. Choose to be one of the first instead of the last one, because the last ones are not going anywhere. So you can do education about anything; if you’re a makeup artist? Great, if you’re a writer, get into that. You’re always doing something and adding value, that people are getting the value will refer other people to you, especially if you do stuff that actually help people change their life, and that’s what the whole goal of this thing is, that’s what YouTube is. The old school advertisement is about me, me, me; the new advertisement is about you, how I can serve you. And the more I can serve you, the better I am going to be. You don’t believe what I’m saying? Why do you think I’m going to waive my $25,000 coaching for anyone that buys my mother course? It will help you hold your hand, because know I can help you get a check, it’s going to help me in my dreams and I’m all in, I’m all in for my dreams to be a public speaker; and if you’re all in, and you commit to the mother course, I want to hold your hands to get your check, why not? I’d love to do that; I’d love to change your life. And if someone doesn’t buy from me, guess what? The creator will provide for me, so I’m not worried about it, and that’s the whole goal; when you start doing YouTube video and you start adding value, if it is from your owner, you’re talking about the area, you’re talking about the construction like AC we have, how to keep their cost down, repairs down, all the way, like the horrible things like evictions. Another thing you can do with the education is you can go to the auctions, every state in Texas, every first Tuesday of the month there’s an auction, there’s an auction; it’s a great idea to go there and videotape this, not once, not twice. And when somebody says “hey man” or somebody’s for foreclosure list, you say “here is couple of videos of other houses that I just bought their home because some people are behind their payments, they don’t think they’re going to lose their home. Once they see that auction and they are bidding on some people’s home. So you can do all kinds of stuff by going to the auction to do stuff. Use your imagination guys; I’m just giving you a couple of tips.

The other thing you can do is, and this is very powerful is create channel and be the connector, what does that mean you go to the local title company, you go to your local realtor, you go to you real estate, read articles about them, you got to the handyman store, home depot, you do different things and your job is to connect this kind and this kind and you’re just a hub of connection, that’s how the internet is. The internet is just a connector, it’s the metric and you can be the metric where you connect the photographer that sold a house, somebody that wants to sell a home and you become the connector; and guess what happens? If you’re the connector, people always remember you. I need to give you an example; when I first started, it shows how a stupid guy I am, I was right out of college, I served I started investing on my call, many of you guys don’t know that I’m the original OG in the internet marketing; many of people think Frank Erne this is sh*t but I started the same time as he did, the difference is he want to become an internet marketer, I turned around and started a real business which is a moving company which I owned for 14 years. So I’ve been in the internet marketing business since 1996, 97, 98 and so forth, when AOL and zero is competing on dollar, when Yahoo is king and Google is a rookie on the block. So being able to generate leads online is very, very crucial because this is the new gold mine, it’s the new gold mine, and you can be whatever you want to be.

Don’t listen to the media, don’t listen to your family, don’t listen to the people that say you can’t do something, don’t listen to them, be what you want to be; for example, I have my pod ads, I wrote a book, I can’t write; I got my own YouTube channel, I can’t even speak, I built speech and got to start where I stand. Any of these things that I just told you, you guys can go “I don’t know how to do speaking, I don’t know how to do editing, I don’t know how to publish this, guess what guys, just four years ago, I don’t know either; I’ve never knew how to edit video, I just recently got a microphone, I recently got a stand, I can afford it but hey, I just start where I stand. And the point is, if you start where you stand, listen to what I am saying, it’s okay that you’re going to fail; any of these things that I’m going to say, you’re not going to be perfect at it, you got to accept that you’re going to make a hundred percent mistakes, once you accept that you’re going to make mistakes, then you have nothing to lose. Don’t go into the things that you know you’re going to do great, “when I get my light, when I get my camera, when I get my microphone, when I get this” no! You’ll never start. Start now, because here in YouTube, you can add significant money into your pockets, totally for free; and here’s what power in YouTube guys, that it’s a search engine, the world’s second most powerful search engine. What is a search engine? Search engine is – somebody just goes in there and type for a key and your information will pop-up, it’s like a gold mine; when you’re sleeping, it’s working, when you’re working, it’s working, when you’re on vacation, it’s working; it’s a great way to make money, the newspapers are losing, the TV stations are losing money, the radio is losing money, why? Because today, you can have your own podcast for free, you can have your own YouTube channel for free, you can have your own newspaper or blog, you can have everything you want. No the difference is many of us, we’re not going to start because we’re scared, people are going to tell us we can’t reach our dreams, for whatever reason; you don’t have money, you don’t have credit, you’re too short, you’re too small, you’re fat, too skinny, you’re too big, you’re too this, you’re too that. Then I’m telling you, start where you stand, you have the greatness in you and it’s going to be hard, and accept that you’re going to fail, and accept that you’re going to get punched in the face and be okay with it and say what – I’m going to do with will and persistence, and I’m going to be all in, I’m going to be all in. I was analyzing before I got into this video, the people that have success with me have pattern, and people that have success with me will be committed 100%. The guys that have a part time job and they committed, they never succeeded, none of them.

Now I have young people who never start a business, why did they succeed? Because they committed and did it, and when I decided that I’m going to be a video blogger, I’m going to be a public speaker, I’m all in. I don’t have nothing else man, I don’t have nothing else to do beside this, and I’m all in and I’m willing to work for free, you’ve got to be willing to work for free, if you put the time and do this eight things that I just talked about like marketing your area, setting foundations, off the roofing companies, if you have a professional, you can do the videos of your rehabbing, you can go to foreclosure auctions, you can do eviction court, you can do videos about that, you can talk to landlords that you know, have bad tenants, you’re thinking about renting, just give it to them and see how it feels like, you can do videos of your inventory, now everyone’s done that that’s why I talk about your inventory videos about that, it’s really powerful for if you’re renting, and so they ask you the same question, “how many bedrooms, what is it look like” – hold on, here’s the text, here’s the video, enjoy it. If you’re doing rent to own, if you’re doing owner financing and they should take somebody every time people shoe to them. I text messages you, watch it, everything you need plus some pictures, technology is allowing you to be your dreams without stinky bankers without a gate people like a publisher. Even with bit coins were allowed now to eliminate master cost, eliminate bank of America, eliminate petrodollars; the power of technology is to you. Many of us that live in America, we’re just looking at the sh*tty thing that’s happening, “the president, the economy, China” trust me I felt that too.

So you have two choices; you can focus on all the negative that’s happening in your life or you’re focusing on all the positive that you want in life, whatever that is, all the love. You have two choices, and yes they both exist, but you decide which one you are focusing on, this is America, I just posted on my Facebook, some guy posted on Facebook some guy is buying in Walmart, buying some sh*t on Walmart and sells it on Amazon and he’s made millions, come on men; there’s a guy that hit me up on YouTube said he have 325 bucks, that’s what I live with. We’re in a country, we’re in a mindset that we have to get debt, and we have to borrow. No my friend, get your ass up, like I did in high school and I worked out with a guy at the gym, he charged 400, I was making minimum wage like two, three bucks; I would knock on my neighbor’s door, I washed their cars, I walked their dogs; I didn’t ask for a light weight, I didn’t asked for a payment plan, I just used this, the old good fashion that the creator gave you and me. See the problem in using TV and school system is they tell you, you don’t have this, you don’t have this, and it’s all you don’t have. You need to get an A you need, No, you don’t have a good credit score, you don’t have to listen to this kind of crap, you got everything. The sun hits the plant and it gives us energy, this fruit is totally for free, there’s nothing that we’re missing. The only thing that is missing is turn that stupid TV off, turn the radio off, stop watching people do stuffs, you get in the ring man and be ready to get knocked out, be ready to do it wrong, guess what? That’s normal, when you first rode your bike, you fell; when you first walk, you fell; what makes you think that by making YouTube channel you can be successful? I still f*ck up, I sell a property, I messed up, I’m not perfect but I quickly change it, thanks to your feedback. And that’s what I’m saying, start where you stand and then you’re going to pivot, you’re going to change, but if you’re waiting for the perfect you’ll never do it, and this is free, I bet you if you start doing this in six months, one year on a regular basis, you’re going to have more leads in buying houses and you know what to do with. It’s not going to be as fast as you spend a thousand bucks to do mail outs to get the phone to ring, it’s not faster than if you spend a thousand bucks on a Facebook ads. But that is just a short live it has a short shelf life, but this is forever; I die today and these are still helping people.

So I hope you guys are using YouTube and I just talked about many different ways; from connector where you don’t have to know anything and you just connect people and do videos and talk about your area, what’s going on here, they’re building commercial and they’re building residential, big towers, is there a lot of people, are people moving in there, is there a lot of traffic, people out there in other states that want to invest in a different state, they do the research; and guess what? If I’m learning from you, there’s a good chance I might do business with you. You’d do this when talking about this stuff that I’m interested in. it’s totally for free, if you guys need any help on how to do this, reach out to me, I’ll help you guys; I’ve been doing internet marketing since 1996, 97, SEO and it wasn’t called SEO, when there was not a search engine spider, we had directories optimization, so guys, before we get out of here, I want to say I believe in your dreams don’t listen to naysayers and if you want to get your first deal, I’m here to help you out with a little work for free; I’m going to waive my $25,000 coaching. Get my mother course and I’ll help you hold your hand and get your check all you’re going to do is take action and I’m here for you because I know that I can help you, I’m going to help myself and that’s the end of the story, there’s no catch at nothing; and guess what, when you make your first check, you don’t have to give me a dollar; you keep 100%, I’m not one of these guys that says “hey give me 50% of it, I helped you” no, it’s all you. Because the help that I get is that when you get your check and you’re so happy to see me and that’s blow me up, I’m going to go boom, and that’s the whole goal, the more I help you the more I help myself. So get my mother course, I won’t let you down, I’ll hold your hand, make it happen. Hurry up and get on YouTube, it’s totally for free guys and start creating your own channel even if you don’t know how to speak, even if you don’t know how to do videos, even though you don’t know how to do editing, start where you stand and you’ll be it guys. Thanks for reading, Don’t take no for an answer guys, see you.


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