Why was paradise lost?

Why does every beautiful face Grows in old age wrinkled?

Lion strength weakens to nothing

Why is the tall straight figure, Now bent almost double?

What fault was committed?

God answers:

“The crime is that they put on borrowed robes and pretended they were theirs.”

“I take the beautiful clothes back, So that you will learn the robe of appearance is only a loan.”

The Sheaf stack belongs to God.

Human beings are gleaners.
Rays from the sun.

The earth-colored glass makes everything seem diverse,
But that glass eventually shatters.

Your lamp was lit from another lamp.

All God wants is your gratitude for that.

Lend, is the divine command.

Make God a loan from your existence,
And see what fortunes accumulate!

Diminish a little for your own sake,
And watch a new basin fill in front of you.

Then God may say: “Death, give back what you took.”

But you’ll turn away.
You won’t want those things.

Sufis throw away their wanting and their objects They rise from a briny, annihilating ocean into pure clarity.

They confront the world openly with its arrogance and its hypocrisy

They are warriors for non-existence.

–Muhammad Jalaluddin Rumi

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