Why are home prices NOT dropping

Why are home prices NOT dropping

Here’s why real estate home prices are not dropping. I am going to give it. you straight up without sugar coding it! The Real Estate Market is being manipulated. Think about it we have all time high people in foreclosure because many bars have not made their house payments therefore during the forbearance program. Plus we have millions of people that don’t have jobs and on top of that we have the lowest for closure ever in the history of America.

Do you want to know why?

We close down the foreclosure process. Therefore, there is no inventory because all these people that are behind and normal would be foreclosed on are now not paying there mortgages.

Therefore, simply answer is Economy 101. Supply and demand! Even though there should be millions and millions of people losing their homes and we should have massive inventory we are now having inventory shortages because the foreclosure process is not being allowed. So I can I say it is the manipulators of manipulating the market. In this video I go into deep.

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