What is subject to? A beginner’s explanation in plain English

What is “subject to”? A beginner’s explanation in plain English Subject to investing in real estate is where there is a highly motivated seller which has a loan but he’s willing to let the real estate investor just take over his house payments. (subject to mortgage)

Yes I know it’s hard to believe subject to this for real. When I started back in 2006 fourth quarter I couldn’t believe it either.

That there are real estate sellers they are so motivated they’re willing to just let me take over their house payments without me coming out with all the cash at closing to pay off their loan.

Subject to investing means for the real estate investor that the investor does not have to come with all the cash nor does the investor just have to borrow money from a hard money lender or use credit card because the homeowner already has an existing mortgage in place and all the investor does is buy the house subject to existing mortgage. In this free training video I will show you two ways to structure subject to deals and I will show you the two different types of motivated sellers are willing to do septic to plus I will show you different ways to find motivated sellers




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