WE Knives Arrakis Sci-Fi Knife Review – Worth Buying? | Elijah Isham

We Knife, designed by Elijah Isham, Arrakis Folding Knife M390 Satin Blade, Gray and Gold Titanium Handles honest knife review. To be honest I have never owned a Wii knife and I didn’t believe in paying $380 to a Chinese company for a knife when I can buy a bench maid or a microtech made in America for the same price. What made me pull on the trigger and buy this Arrakis knife was the design.

The Arrakis knife design was so sci-fi that I could not resist. WE Knife. Isham Arrakis Knife designed keep calling my name even the tho the price was so high for chinas made knife as I only owned USA made knife before.

So after a few days of thinking, I decided to pull on the trigger and buy the Arrakis we knife for about $380.00 Today, I am going to give you honest knife review since I paid for this knife with my own money and this “we knife” Arrakis was not a loaner from the manufactory.

Nor was a loan from a knife dealer. I bought this Arrakis with my own money.

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