Stocks Crashed, Bitcoin Crashed: 9 ways to win in the meltdown

Stocks Crashed, Bitcoin Crashed: 9 ways to win in the meltdown

Stocks Crashed, Bitcoin Crashed: 9 ways to win in the meltdown

Crashed Stock & Bitcoin Crashed

Hey gang, this is Mike with my RealEstate DOJO and you guys already know that in the past 2 days that stock market crashed, some people say “correction” and then that Bitcoin crashed, and one thing about the stock market when it crashed, it was very fast and this was just a test, imagine when the crash actually come to a full crash. So what I’m going to do is talk about 9 things that I’m going to do to win when the meltdown happen, when the crash happens what am I going to do to magnify and capitalize on a negative situation. So I’m going to break this to three parts.

Crashed Stock & Bitcoin Crashed

The first thing that I’m going to talk about is 8 warning signs that the crash is knocking on your door and also at my door; but however, later on, I’m going to tell you 9 things that I’m going to be doing that are benefits, you might want to listen up and maybe get some ideas on those 9 things that I’m going to do to help yourself out or family, what have you. The second thing I’m going to do is why am I am I preparing for this, why do I think what’s going to come up is very important and I could capitalized on and make great amount of money for myself and my family versus more people that are going to lose a large amount of money. And then the third part is the 9 things that I’m going to be doing that are going to be different in most of the people or the herd.

So 8 warning signs that are knocking on your door, they are not talking about at CNN or NBC or fake news or anything like that, if you a ask a journal people like real estate investor or stock investor or most people they’re going to say “no everything is okay”.

Crashed Stock & Bitcoin Crashed

So the first thing is that, I’ve been driving around from Las Vegas to Denver, Boulder, Dallas and I’m telling you everywhere I go they’re building, now if you look in your town, see if they’re building there, what are they building; everywhere that I go to, they are building apartment complexes, this tall a lot taller than this, high rises and their building a lot of hopes, everywhere that I’ve gone. In Dallas where I am right now, just right across the street there is like three new buildings being built, everywhere I go in Dallas there is new apartment complexes, new builders that are squashing in, it doesn’t matter if you’re an old part or if you go to new part and at the same time apartment complexes, when I was in Boulder, when I was in Denver everywhere you go you see cranes everywhere because they’re building apartment complexes or office buildings, In Boulder the same thing is happening. I was in Vegas, same exact thing, they’re building new homes and new apartment complexes and the thing is you’re not seeing one apartment complex, I’m seeing multiple complexes right next to each other or a few mile away and there’s already a saturation of apartment complexes. So where am I going with this? Everywhere that I’ve gone from different states, they’re building real estate if it’s commercial, if it’s residential or if its apartment complexes left and right and this looks like 2005, 2004 where the same thing was happening, builders are building everywhere, apartment complexes were built and once the melt down hits, all these things froze, like all the builders went bankrupt and they stop building and those properties like I own past in Denver, you can see there was a subdivision being built and it went buzz there was a small builder and all the homes stopped, there was probably 10 homes in there that were empty, right now if you go in to exact the same subdivision it’s just flourishing again, there’s more development going on again. So warning sign number one is that there is a lot of development everywhere.

Crashed Stock & Bitcoin Crashed

Warning number two is you can listen to any kind of radio station, TV show anywhere you go they’re talking about how they’re relaxing on their lending practice, so anyone can get a loan. Because I was getting food in an Indian store and there is a commercial about this company and they said “you can use the hard program to refinance your home even if you have no equity and you didn’t have to even get an appraisal line” so these are some ideas that are like government backed, easy way refinancing program all the way to day lenders where you give your title, they will give you some cash or all these things, they will give you credit card or if you’re a fix and flipper, you probably know how easy it is to get hard money lending or there’s funds out there and people want to partner up with you or what have you, so there’s very easy access to lending now, anyone can get a loan, there’s new programs they’re doing to waive; for example if you have student loan, not to incorporate that to your debt to income ratio which I’ve done a video about it before so I’m not going to get into it here. So we talked about the real estate, we talked about the lending, now here’s the other thing that I want to think about guys is that most people in America are paycheck to paycheck and they’re in major debt and the government too is in debt, most of us understand it and know what these numbers represents. Not only that, other countries, they’re in debt; now you’re thinking why I should care about other countries? Well the problem is because of the petro dollar, because we’re the world’s currency and all the other fiat currency, they’re fiat currency like Germany’s fiat currency, let’s say Great Britain or whatever, all those fiat currencies whatever currency they call their name is pegged to the US dollar because of this idea called the petro dollar and I don’t want to get into it too dip, if you want to know more, get on my blog, My RealEstate DOJO and search for it, I’ve done tons of videos about that or my YouTube channel, the United States because we’re putting our money to the federal research which is not a part of the government and it’s the banksters or the gangsters of the world and their putting money which causes a lot of problems for you, you, you and me through inflation and crashes that we’re talking about right now. Because we’re the world currency called the petro dollar, all the other currency are just like tipping into us and they’re pegged unto us like Germany or Greece or whatever, so what that means is none of these government have an actual money that’s backed by anything, they’re money is backed by our US dollar, which our US dollar is not backed by anything besides us producing a lot of debt. So if let’s say in France or if in Germany, if in Greece, these things crashed, and their government crashed, their government becomes bankrupt, it’s like a domino effect it has the potential to knock down other dominos including the US power which is our ability to just print out money left and right because no other country can do that; they can do that but we’re the only one that has a deal with Saudi Arabia, the OPEC where we’re able to make everyone in the world make them change their fiat currency like whatever government it is, to make them change their fiat currency into dollars to be able to buy Gas or Fuel and that’s because of the petro dollar. The problem is that this party is starting to in for us because China is coming in with Yen petro and so what they’re doing is they’re making their fiat currency backed by gold so if you want to buy gas from us, you can change your fiat money to yen and you can buy some gas and you can do some exchange, if you want to take the yen and get gold for it then we’ll give you gold; where in America we don’t have that, our money is not backed by anything, a believe system just like Bitcoins. The difference between Bitcoins and the fiat dollar is that there are certain amount of Bitcoins we can keep inflating network; the US prints this, the Federal Reserve is printing this and it’s deluding our buying power which is inflation, which is another thing that is happening around us because if you just look back and look at your receipt from this year to like 3 years back or 5 years back for whatever item if it’s from a tire, eggs, whatever, that thing has gone up and it’s gone up a lot more than what is being recorded. So that is basically what is taxing us in additional tax that which all of us are aware about; simply put our 20 bucks today has less buying power that 20 bucks five years ago.

So there’s a lot of things going on that are warning signs that most people are not seeing. The other thing is the stock, the stock is going straight up and now it had a “correction” but also remember that the correction just happened so fast, we have all these programs that will sell if it goes up to certain amount, this and that so it is not humans anymore unless you’re a small guy which most of these big guys are not, so it happened really quick. Stocks all-time high, I made tons of videos about it, interest is all-time low, it’s so low and this is where it’s dangerous and that’s why I believe that feds will have to move it up, and the reason is that if the market crashes, usually the feds do two things, usually lower interest rates but unfortunately, we’re almost at the rock bottom, it’s like if you put your money into a bank, you actually lose money because of the inflation, if you’re getting 1% interest rates etc. but I’m not going to go into that but you’re losing money.

So just to summarize it up, there’s massive debt, the government have debt, massive amount of debt and their people have massive debt and because we’re losing our power with the petro dollar, we can’t just constantly print money and since in America, most of the jobs are outsourced like manufacturing, outsource all that stuff, outsourced cars so pretty much people buy Nissan, Toyota and because of better quality not most of them but it’s not like Detroit, Detroit is basically gone; so since we are, if you look into my shirt it’s China, if I look most of the things in here like today I posted in Facebook, my rice comes from India, my cheese comes from France, y cucumber came from this, this, came from there, everything is coming to us. We’re not a nation of producer, producing stuff and people are not going to get our dollars anymore because if it melts down, it’s going to melt down pretty quick because of these symptoms. Let me see if I got everything, interest rate are all-time low, we have a bond, bubbles, stocks, you already know it’s a quick crash or correction, whatever they want to call it but more is coming, the real estate everywhere you go are building, they’re lowering the debt, anyone can borrow money, there’s a lot of people in debt from the governments to their citizens, the petro dollar is losing its power.

Crashed Stock & Bitcoin Crashed

Now here’s another big one, a lot of retailers are just closing down, for example some of the big ones like Walmart just closed down, Sam’s, Sear’s, Macy’s but some of you guys will say they just go to Amazon or they gone online, I agree with you some of them gone online but what about the rest of it, and eventually all these online places are going to eliminate more and more jobs and as I talked about earlier, we’re not using anything so no one’s going to have money to buy stuff, so just to think about that down the line; but I’m not saying that Amazon is going to be part of the crash, I’m not saying that, I’m saying it’s the future. But know that retail is hurting, malls are hurting, the small stores like if you’re in a small town, if you look in to your small corner store, that 1 retail store probably change hands a lot from the past years like 10 or 20 times, there’s a restaurant, there’s a cleaner, there was this and they closed down because it’s hard for them to survive the small mom and pop shops. So retail is really hurting and all these things combined together, they create a meltdown not only in America, I think all of these other countries as well which is going to be a really potential meltdown. Now that is a great news for me and real estate investors not because people are going to lose their money and I feel bad for the people who worked they butt of and they’re going to lose all their lifesavings and stuff like that but I think that this is their fault because they didn’t put their money to their mind to educate themselves; for example, you’re a grown up when you go to work but when it comes to investment, you gave it to some 401k, some guy that makes $50 an hour and asking him for advice. So I think that you have to put the time and energy into yourself, if you’re a grown up to earn money, then you should be a grown up to invest your own money instead of just waiting for somebody or putting it to things that you can’t really control.

So now, why am I making this video, why am I getting prepared for this crash that’s coming? Because to me and to other investors that are what I call crash investors or fire investors is when there’s a crash, everyone is going right, and then there’s investors like me that go right into the building that’s burning up and start buying assets at a deep discount and that’s what is coming around. I’m getting prepared because I’m super excited and I’m sure many other that are smart not even smart, they just done their due diligence or they can see the writing on the walls and are very excited about this. One of the main reason that I’m very excited is because I’m going be able to buy assets like real estate, commercial, residential, whatever I want; lots, rental homes, vacation homes, Airbnb, whatever I want at a very deep discount. Number one is many of these people are going to get their equity loss so I can do short sales and things of that nature but is still there and the other part that I’m going to really, really like is everyone is going to like give me their homes through creative financing. When I say everyone, not everyone, just the motivated seller ones; they are willing to give me their homes through owner financing or some kind of creative financing like a subject to, master leases, lease options and things of that nature and the reason is it’s going to be so much easy for me is because I don’t have to do any of the selling; the Fox news, CNN, NBC, Dallas morning news, Denver Polls, all these newspapers, all these TV stations, all these radios; the bus driver, the taxi driver, the Uber driver, the people on Facebook, all these people are going to be saying “hey my real estate is really bad, it’s a horrible time to get in there and all that stuff. And all these realtors that just want to get licenses and all these people that just bought houses in the last 5 years, they’re going to be upside down on their homes and they’re all going to be motivated to sell. They don’t have to sell, they don’t have to participate in the depression that’s going to be coming but somehow they’re going to get fooled and listen to the TV and they’re go and sell their homes at losses and more likely they’re willing to let me to just do some kind of creative financing and that’s a great opportunity for me that’s why I’m so happy and that’s why I’m doing this video to let other people know that the crash is coming so make sure you take care of your assets. And two, it doesn’t have to be gloom and doom, for me it’s going to be the where I maximize my money and that’s why it really grow, like everyone is trying to do deals, this and this in the past few years, I’m looking at deals but I’m willing to buy when the crash comes a lot more than I am now because I know that things are over estimated, over inflated and everyone is selling their homes fast and are getting more than the market and some people are dumb enough to have their realtor persuade, if the seller want a hundred and they should put 120 because there are so much other competition, things of that crap which is pretty crazy but I know a lot of stories on Facebook where people brag about, realtors brag about how they give their clients extra money.

Crashed Stock & Bitcoin Crashed

I am so excited because I’m going to get a lot of subject to’s, I’m so excited because I’m going to be able to grow my money and I’m going to create a lot of income producing assets and this is going to be easy for me.

So now let’s dive in and talk about what I’m going to do about what I’m going to do, the 9 things I’m going to do and I have been doing to prepare myself. Now guys for the past two years I was just sitting here and just pulling the horns “hey guys the crash is coming, the crash is coming” I’m not sure if many of you guys listened but I know a lot of you guys that are smart probably knew it and been listening, it’s coming and it’s going to be coming fast. The first thing I did guys back in 2016, I knew that the crash is coming so I invested in gold. I don’t know if you guys remember the crash came in 2006, gold went up so in 2016 I bought a bunch of gold and some silver, I regret about silver, I will make another video about that but I should have bought all gold like 80 or 12. Why did I invest in gold? Because there’s going to be an inflation, there’s a significant inflation, and if I keep my money in the bank I’m not going to be able to grow it because it’s sitting there, actually I’m losing power because of inflation; whereby if I keep it in gold, my money has grown since when I bought it around December 2016 till today the gold per ounce has grown up to plus or minus 213 bucks, 220 bucks more or less but it’s $200 per ounce. If I had that money sitting on the bank, I wouldn’t get a dollar or two, compared to gold. If I have 1,300 bucks sitting in the bank and I have 1,300 in gold, it went up to but in the bank it didn’t. I didn’t pay exactly 1,300 bucks but when I looked it up I got $200 and 20 plus or minus, so is that a good deal? Absolutely, where can I put my money and grow it by itself and the value is actually there unlike the dollar which the purchasing power goes less and less and less.

Now the other thing I did is I created business, most of you guys know that I used to own a moving company, I used to own a brokerage firm, I have bunch of rental properties, I wasn’t happy in life, I was making all the money I wanted, and I decided to close everything down, give all my stuffs to homeless people and be homeless for almost a year and a half, and to get the meaning of life and to explore it in America and I ended up being a perfect thing for me because since I knew the crash was coming, I can take a little relax; every house I bought in 2006 fourth quarter, not every house because some of them I let go but the one’s that I sold each make a hundred thousand which sometimes I would only put 2 o 3 grand down to buy the property because I can only give the seller no money, the 2 or 3 grand is because they were behind in payments and so I just make the back payments and with the closing would be like 2 or 3 grand and rent it and the cash flow would be like $300-$400, sometimes 600, sometimes whatever and I would hold it on for 5 or 7 years and then boom! I sold it on top of the market of real estate, I can get it a little bit more top but you know, I was motivated so I didn’t care that’s why I decided to give my stuffs to homeless people and I decided to be homeless. But what happened is, in that journey of finding my soul, I had the opportunity to travel America and see a lot of stuff; for example I was able to go to Florida I was able to see that area, I was able to go to Colorado and I was able to see the area, I was able to see Las Vegas and see that area, not just for a couple of weeks but actually lived there for 6 months or what have you. So basically, I scoped out the areas that I want to buy real estate properties when the crash comes. One of the main things I was doing is I was moving and learning these target areas I want to buy property in; for example in Colorado I’m going to be buying properties and around Boulder area or in Las Vegas and I did a video why I think that Las Vegas properties are going to be doubled, and since the crash is coming I’m going to be able to pick it up very cheap, again if you want to know why Las Vegas is going to be doubled in properties, go watch my video on YouTube or on my blog, I talked about exactly why I’m picking Las Vegas. So simply put I traveled, I get to know my farm area, I lived on those areas, drove different roads, I saw what I wanted and I know what areas I’m going to buy when the crash comes; not only that I invest in gold, I traveled and learned in different areas that I want to buy in when the crash comes, I was in the field for a couple of months on those areas.

So the other thing I did guys was I created business, so after I was homeless I have no business, I didn’t have anything, I was in my car so I went from having zero, I didn’t borrow any money out or use my credit card or anything like that I just started business and pursued my dreams which is to become a public speaker and thanks to you and you guys who supported my dreams and I made thousands of dollars because I chased my dreams and that’s why I’m doing this for you is because there’s a lot of opportunities in America no matter if it’s green, or if it’s blue or black the color or what kind of season it is, most of us think that we can only make money in the summer season, but we can make money in the winter season just like the season that is to come, the winter, the crash and there’s great opportunity for you guys; for example, after I stared my business and start making money because right now, many people are getting money and debt is very relaxed with credit card they get their balanced filled up, they can borrow money and what they’re doing is they’re just splurging they’re just going out to dinners they’re buying furniture and it’s really good for the economy because they’re consuming and consuming so now is a good time to have a business like if you own a moving company or a construction business, if you’re a realtor, if you’re in insurance, cars salesman, business is booming right now, some sectors more than others because people have money not because wages have gone up, it hasn’t really gone up, very little; I actual have a video how they have been gone up in such a long time. So simply put creating a business is one thing that I’ve done to help my pocket so when the crash comes, I can buy in there and buy the stressed properties at pennies on a dollar.

Another thing that I’ve done is I started investing o Bitcoins, I’m a crash investor and so when it’s going up, up, up 16, 17 everyone is buying except me, I was telling you guys on Facebook, on YouTube don’t do it, it’s going to be in a bubble and when it starts crashing 50-60% is when I start jumping in there and did couple investments there, I don’t have a crystal ball, I don’t know if they’re going to go up or go down, but I did buy Bitcoin, Lite coin, I bought Ethereum, I own some Dash I own Steam and couple of other ones that I can’t remember at the top of my head guys.

Now here’s another thing that I’ve done that most of people like you and you may don’t want to do is I decreased my cost tremendously. Now we live in the society that taps you in the back if you have good credit, and what that means is if you can get in debt, if you’re willing to get in debt thousands of dollars, people think you did a great job but I don’t believe in that, the dojo doesn’t believe in that. We believe that imagination and creativity is more powerful than a stinky banker or something like that. So as a true entrepreneur I’ve never used a credit card, I’ve never used a bank loan, I never raised money to do anything; whatever I want to do, I follow my heart, I go ahead and do that and then I figured out how to make it through my imagination and I’ve been doing that since 1989, 2000; one example is when I sold my VA book, some of you guys and ladies may have bought it, thank you so much. When I sold my VA book, before I even finished I had you guys pay me a front fee, so before it’s done I’ve already make like 19,000 or $12,000, I don’t remember exactly, I have a video about that that I’ve made in like 19 days; so I have you guys fund it for me while I was finishing up the book, so this is an example, same thing with my moving company when I first started it up. So I tried to use my imagination, not that I tried, that’s the only thing I know how to do. And many of you guys that took the alchemy class, you were like “wow” because not only that I gave you 14 marketing plans, 13 of those are totally for free, so only one you only have to pay for which everybody is like “wow dude”. I always tell my students that any fool can tell you how to spend money in advertisement but it takes a lot of imagination and creativity to do it out of thin air and that’s why it’s called the alchemy stones because you turn nothing into gold and that’s what I can do for you and that’s why I’m sharing my information for you because I live in the world of abundance not in like not that much. Now the economy that we live in is not like that, there is growth and expansions and contractions and we’re about to go into contractions and a lot of people will be hurt, I wish it was not that way, if I could write the rules, I won’t have it this way. I believe in block chain technology because we’re taking away the power from the stinky bankers and making the people powerful like airbnb, the home owners are now powerful or Uber driver, the actual driver is making money instead of big corporations, everybody is making money and it empowers the average person so that’s why I believe in block chain and that’s why I invested money into it. So saving money is a very important habit that most entrepreneurs in America don’t have. If you want to do something, you have to save money and you also have to learn how to use imagination to go get make more money not just like make more money; no, you have to save money.

Let me give you example in what I did to save me thousands of dollars, and those thousands of dollars like 5, 6, 7 thousand dollars a year easily by not really doing anything, for me that’s my investment money. Let me give you three example you can apply in your home is that I used to spend 90 dollars a week or more, I’m just putting it on the low side a week on gasoline, now I bought an electric car, I still have my other car but with my electric car, I’m saving 90bucks a week, $360 a month, that doesn’t sound a lot of money but if you do that times 12 that’s like $4,320 a year, now that could be my Facebook marketing money where I put $4,000 in and I make 20 times of that amount or that $4,000 I can invest in Bitcoin or Lite coin, something that I will have to spend earlier. Instead of giving it away to petro greedy people, now I take it and put it to an idea that empowers the people and I can have potential to make money, it’s no brainer. Most of you guys like me before, just keep paying the gas, paying the gas.

The other thing is I went from a $100,000 Mercedes to a car I bought at 11 grand but the brand new is worth 20 or 30. So what that means is my tire in my Nissan Leaf, I can get 4 sets of tire for like 250bucks or like 50bucks each or something plus mounting and tax is $250; but on my Mercedes, just the back tire is 480 bucks, front tire is 420 bucks, so a whole set of tire will cost me this much. Before when I thought that the more stuff I own will make me happier because that’s what I’ve seen on the TV and program like that; I made a mistake and I realize now that I don’t need that stuff, because when I have those kind of stuff what happens is I’m feeding the machine, I’m making anyone else’s rich. I don’t want to make this tire company rich, I don’t want to pay 480 bucks per tire, I don’t want to pay 500 bucks for oil change, I don’t want to pay 1,200 bucks for X and Y service where on my e-car I drive for free, where the tire for four is only 250 bucks. So just by changing my car habit, I am making 4,320 bucks, but now am I saving that money that I have to actually spend. Some of you guys when something is having a sale and you buy it, you’re saving money; no, you actually spend money, but this is not like that saving, this is money that I would have to put out and I was putting it out year after year, now I get to actually keep that money, not only that can keep that money but I’m able to reinvest that money let’s say for example Bitcoin which is high risk, high return; so if I’m putting 4,000 plus in there, there’s an opportunity that I can make 40grand, 400,000; I don’t know but it also can get zero but if I get zero I was in the exact same situation when I was paying for petro dollar for gas in my car so nothing worst had happened, right? But on the other hand, I’m in the situation where I can put my money in there and it can maximize and because it’s a new technology, it has a good potential to be the future and empower a lot of people, so I can make a lot of money. So for me, sacrificing is a lot better than going borrowing money on the credit card. I heard a lot of people are spending money on their credit card to invest in Bitcoin, and what are they doing? They don’t even have their own money, they’re using the bank to invest and that’s crazy, you already started off at a debt, instead of using your imagination and creativity to find an idea, what you’re doing is the easiest thing, just put it in my credit card, that’s ridiculous guys. And I know a lot of people talked about 100% finance and this and this but if you’re trying to grow positive, it doesn’t make sense to go left, if you’re trying to go north, it doesn’t make sense to go south, maybe you can eventually loop around and get there but I know we live in a society where there is all debates but don’t you want to exit the matrix?

The other way that I’m making money guys is for example, before I used to have this kind of Gillette shave that cost 30-35 bucks a pad at target or Walmart and I used to go through every month or something and if you add that up 30 time 12, that’s another 360 bucks, I’m not saying that I’m doing all these stuffs just to safe a nickel or penny or stuff like that. The reason why I did these stuff, I became a minimalist, I have three shirt and two pants and that brings me to my next point. I bought my 2018 wardrobe which is basically two pants, 1 shoes and a jacket and that only cost me like 368 bucks and 15 cents, before I used to pay nice shoes or nice polo shirts for two of this, now I bought my whole year outfit for 368 bucks and I wear exactly the same 2 pants, I have to pants that I swapped out and I got 3 of these shirts. So simply put, before, my jacket cost 3-400 bucks now my whole year’s set of clothes is 300-400 bucks. But now, what most of you guys don’t see or won’t see is that I used to have a woman’s closet full of clothes, so much shoes, jackets because I don’t want to do laundry, I will just go buy clothes all the time and I have to take my stuff to dry cleaners, I will have bag and bags of dry cleaners that I have to do on a weekly basis, on a weekly basis I would have spent 300-400 bucks on dry cleaning service. So not only that I shrink up my closet I didn’t need, I don’t have to worry about it, I don’t have to store it. Now I don’t have that laundry to do and take the time to drive it somewhere and so what I’m trying to say is that I became a minimalist, I realized what’s most important to me which is time so I became an entrepreneur and by doing some of these little small stuff which is pretty cool, I’m driving an electric car which is pretty darn cool, I have a hundred thousand dollar car with muscle and everything, air suspension, I mean everything but driving an electric car is pretty darn cool. Even if it’s just a Nissan leaf, if you live in California, it’s a little different but if you’re in Nevada you’re like the 1.00%, if you’re in Texas, you’re 1% if you’re in different states, it’s the same way. That little change has allowed me to save a lot of money and gave me a lot of free times, for the last three months I’ve been driving a lot laughing at people when they pass me up and they waits to gas like 10 bucks if it’s a big truck or a fancy car, you just spent a lot of gas and tires like this much because I know how the tire prices are.

So simply put if you want to reach your dreams, many of us in America think that we have to borrow money. And I’m here to tell you that if you want to be your dreams, if you want to be what the creator planned your soul to be, you got to sacrifice and you got to use your imagination and creativity and it’s not just going to be easy but it’s possible because if you chase your dream, if you chase your heart, the creator is going to provide for you, the universe is going to provide for you. You might become a millionaire, billionaire unless that’s what you want and you work for it. Whatever you want at the very least is going to provide for you and your family and the rest, you got to work for it. When I let go of my business that I own for 14 years and live in my car, it wasn’t easy to come back and start a business, I don’t have no products, I don’t know what I’m going to do, not kid, but I just followed my dreams, I failed speech class, I have these disabilities but my main thing is I want to change someone else’s life and that’s the main thing. I want to change your life, I know I can’t change everyone’s life, some people are not going to like me because I’m this and this and this but it’s okay with me I just want to change a couple of people’s life and I want to change your life in such a magnification level that 10 years 20 year, when they see e they’re like “that’s Mike” or they’re praying for me because I did this, I did this for them. Because basically that energy is what I’m looking for because the more life that you change, it makes me feel better and when I feel better I am more creative, more into the zone and doing God’s work, I’m doing my soul’s work so I have nothing to lose and everything to gain and I’m here to tell you that if you’re willing to sacrifice and use your imagination, you can do whatever you want to do, you don’t have to get in debt whatever it is, you want to write a book, want to be a real estate investor, realtor, you want to start a shop, you want to start a photography business, whatever, you can do it. This is America, this is the greatest country ever but you’re not going to have a lot of success coming out of the game getting thousands of dollars getting into debt, I don’t care if you’re starting a dental business, if you’re starting an attorney’s office, if you’re starting X or Y. Now there are many businesses out there that are very successful that are millions of dollars in debt and if you add all the negativity they are going to be in debt which is not a really success. I think success is positivity, you don’t have to master, you don’t need a bank, you don’t have to go to stinky bankers “can I please get money for my business plan” or “can I please get money because I want to buy this house, I’m going to do fix and flips” and they will say they can’t lend you because you’re capped out because of your debt to income ratio. You don’t need to have someone tell you what to do, you just have to close your mind, close your ears to all the negative people and you go to work and you find the solution that’s the road I travelled and you might have to cut some stuff let some things go, that’s what it takes, and if that’s what it takes, that’s what I’ve done all my life and that’s what I teach my students too, is to not be fooled by people just telling you to spend money, anybody can tell you how to spend money but you have to use your imagination and creativity to get to your goal.

To warp it all guys, the crash is coming, you don’t have to listen to me, I highly recommend you do your own due diligence, don’t listen to other people, read other places, we got a bubble in stocks, we got a bubble in real estate, we got a bubble in bonds, interest rate is all-time low, the government is in massive debt, America and all other countries, the fiat is being over throne and the next crash can be pretty much the melt down and some of the things that I’ve done is I invested in Bitcoin I shaved a lot of stuff in my life that are sucking up my time that are not making me happy, I invested it in gold, Bitcoin, I created businesses and I invested a lot of time reading, I read at an average of 60 books a year, if you do 60 books times 30, in 5 years I’m reading 300 books. So that does help out? Not that much because I’m not that smart but I think some of it is going in guys and I’m trying to give you the most quality information because I want you guys to be successful. Don’t take no for an answer, hustle and bustle, see you later guys.


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