Owner Financing Real Estate Course (Act Now, price is going up in 24 hours)

owner finaincng real estate course

Owner Financing Real Estate Course (Act Now, price is going up in 24 hours)

Owner Finance Real Estate Course for Investors.  Learn Owner Financing Houses: (Real Estate Wrap-around mortgage & Subject To for Real Estate Investing)

Where & How To Find Owner Finance Properties
__What you will need and how to get started
__Where to find Owner Financed properties
__20+ videos on Creative ways to fund your deal
__How to buy properties without borrowing from a bank or a hard money lender
__How to monetize an Owner Finance deal
__Learn the difference between auction investor and creative finance investor
__Wholesaling explained

How To Negotiate Offers on Owner Finance Properties
__How to talk to a seller
__How to profit from properties with negative equity
__How to evaluate a property
__How to protect your deal once you have it under contract
__How to negotiate the offer, Powerful negotiation strategies, and How to give multiple offers
__How to benefit from buying Owner Financed properties in the coming Financial Collapse
__Different ways to structure a Owner Finance transaction
__Video training on the paperwork you will need
__How to close 9 out of 10 deals
__How to file a deed
__Video training on how to fill out the contract
__Understanding the difference between Subject To and Wraps

Closing & Your Exit Strategy: Monetize Your Owner Finance Properties

__Understanding the Closing process and what to expect
__How to sell your Owner Finance property
__How to screen buyers and wholesale your deal
__How to set up insurance for Owner Finance property
__Property Management tips for Landlords
__Case studies and walkthroughs of actual investment properties
__How to Insurance the property after you buy it via owner financing

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