Microtech Troodon Fake Knife Review – Worth Buying? (Clone OTF)

Counterfeit “Microtech Troodon” knife review that is honest with you! A real Microtech Troodon cost about $500 to $600. I I bought this clone Troodon knife from wish.com for only $61 bucks.


After waiting about 14 days I finally got it done after caring it for about a month I’m giving you an honest review if it’s worth owning a microtech fake knife or is it better to just for clover 600 bucks for the real deal Now online Microtech manufacture is well known on the Internet OTF automation knife. Maybe the reason is they are paying for influencers to give them raving reviews but I have personally spent over $2270 by Microtech knife.

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I have personal owned two OTF Ultratech, plus Starwars UT85 OTF knife, and a halo 6 and Scoma fix blade knife.




http://www.Wish.com  if you order from wish, use this code to and you get $5 for free off any order. cppdfdxq

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