Learn how I built a 6-Figure Online Business from scratch with $100

Step by step on how I start a six figure online business with two kids and a wife that had no job all from my computers.

As an entrepreneur from high school I was able to start a business with 100 bucks and turn into multi millions of dollars and then branch out into three other businesses that including cash flow from rental properties.

However I was not happy in life no matter how much I cumulated, so I donated most of my stuff to the homeless people and decided to go homeless and travel back to nomads for about two years.

However now I had two young kids and I need to generate income because I didn’t have a job nor did I have a business and my wife didn’t work because we had two little kids so I close my eyes and I wrote down all the things that I wanted in the business and all the things I didn’t want in the business. I did not want a business with lots of employees, a lot of overhead like office fees furniture computers complex phone systems etc.

I also didn’t want to own a business that I have to get into debt or come up with large start up capital to start the business. I did not want a buissiness where I had middle man like selling on Amazon or doing multiple level Marketing business, nor did I want to do affiliate marketing where I was depending on someone else to pay me my cut. Therefore, I closed my eyes and meditate and the idea come to me.

THE NEW FIIP- Bicycle Flipping! Yes you heard right, flipping bikes, is the best side hustle I created. Flipping bikes require very small start up money seed of $100, and the profit margin are super high and I did not have to fix or repair anything! Watch this flipping bike training guide on where to find hot bikes for deep discount and how to buy the bike at the right prices.

BICYCLE FLIPPING – The Best Six-Figures Side Hustle. Wanna see how? Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of how I did it. http://BestSideHustle.MrNoFluff.com 

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