I’m in the Hospital…

Here’s the top 3 things I learned from life while being a the Hosptial.

Flipping Houses buying them subject to, being my dreams, and being any entrepreneur is not an easy task there’s a lot of stress a lot of work but there’s also glory. 1. Do what you love. That comes in two tones. A.) Hangout with people you love! B) Do what you love for work.

2. Money is fake and they are printing its at the central bank. So know that you are trading your life energy for it.

3. Grateful for what you have. If I can not be happy being poor then when I am rich I will not be happy than either.

This is exactly what happen to my in life as immigrants to America. I had the lucky of start a moving company right out of collage living in my car with $100 bucks and having the business rocket 🚀 up the the moon. Which allow me to start a real estate brokerage firm and then buy rental homes.


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