I SOLD a bunch of Bitcoin and Altcoins

On Feb 15, 2021, I sold a bunch of Bitcoin and alt coins as I had a feeling the marketing was going to crash!

Guess what, I was right 100%, as 7 days later the bitcoin market crash 30% from all time highs.

In this video, I will share with you my bitcoin playbook. I will share with you how I already have sold about 80% of my Trading bags in the past few months! I own two types of crypto bags. 1. Long term hold (Bitcoin only) 2. Short Term Hold This is my playbook, and this is not finance advices nor am I a financial advisor. I own two types of Bags in crypto. 1.) Long time hold Bags (Only Bitcoin) and I am hold this and give to my kids when I die. 2. Short Term Trade bags, which I have cash out 80%, over 6 selling phases in the past months. In my trading bag, I have only 20% left, which I am hold to time the TOP of the marketing, which is very risk. Which mean, I can lose “ALL” of this “20%” bag as I am trying to time to very top of the top. However, because I been sold off in 6 phase, I am in profits already and this 20% “trade bag” is for a HOME RUN swing, I can miss it or I can knock it out field. Simply put, I have exit most of my position. In my 20% Trade bag, I do hold REN, but I will start selling off my last 20% after the stimulus check BICYCLE FLIPPING – The Best Six-Figures Side Hustle. Wanna see how? Here’s a behind-the-scenes video of how I did it. http://BestSideHustle.MrNoFluff.com



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