How My Three Year Old Earned Her First Bitcoin

This is a true story I sit down with my daughter that’s three years old and I explain to her the power of bitcoin and that she can start earning it today every time we went out to the park or every time we went bicycling she could be looking around on the ground and picking up coins like $.10 $.20 and then she can add it to her coin jar.


That’s exactly what she did weeks after weeks month after month just like her aunt every time we went out she found coins and then she was putting into a coin jar. After we had mini jars filled up I took her to a coin machine she exchange the coins for dollars.


Next I took her to a bitcoin ATM and she exchange the dollars for bitcoin. We will put her bitcoins into a hardware wallet in the next 20 years in my opinion bitcoin will be worth millions of dollars Hopefully she’ll never have to work for the man.


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