Housing Market Crash Update – WTF! This is HUGE… Effects Real Estate Investors and First Time Buyers

Megabanks Are Buying up All the America Real Estate Housing for more then the fair market value which is hurting real estate first time buyers and all the real estate investors like house flippers.

Its not fair that the FED is print out money and giving it to their friend to buy real estate with unlimited borrow/cash with almost zero percent interest rate vs the common man. USA real estate housing marketing is in trouble because million of people are behind on your house payments.

However, only a few bankers will benefit as they are getting almost free money to buy the whole neighborhood. I beat the banks will sell their forbearance non performance notes toe company like blackwater in one deal where they will transfer ownership of the note to million of homes in one transaction to save money for both partners, Bankers and Bankers friends Blackwater. #HousingMarketCrashUpdate #HouseMarketCrash #RealEstateCrash Market Crash Update – WTF! This is HUGE… Effects Real Estate Investors and First Time Buyers

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