GameStop – The Hunters Are Getting HUNTED | Short Squeeze Sell Off (3 Things To Know)

When the mom and pops investor lose money, its normal, its the free market.

However, if the Elite lose money, then there is something very wrong and they want to get blacked out and want the authority’s to set in. GameStop – The Hunters Are Getting HUNTED in the short squeeze sell off “GAMESTOP SHORT SQUEEZE” is putting the hurt on billionaires huge fund owners as they are losing their money.

Therefore, the HedgeFund want bill out because they lose money. On top of that in my opinion they are calling their other billionaires friend and asking them to help by not allow retail investor from buying GameStop and AMC stocks in apps like Robin-hood as it will force the hEdgfund to go bankrupt. Guess what its ok if you and I lose money using the “same rules” of the stock marketing however, its not ok if the billionaires lose money!

The billionaires Hedge Funds have friends at high place and can have the laws changed or made for there favor vs the retail investors, what they call “Dumb Money”

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