EVICTION: Massive Sharp Increase (Explained!) | Real Estate Investors Heaven?

As I bicycle across Dallas and Fort Worth Texas just In one day, I seen 5 eviction! Yes 5! That 5 renters and their family being kicked out on the streets in America! The problem is the is just the beginning of the top of the iceberg! There is going to be a big wave of renters losing their homes. At the same time we going to see a lot of small real estate landlords losing their house in foreclosures to the banks in the coming weeks and months! I will explain the Eviction problem we are facing in DFW and across the nation in this video. If you’re looking for a side hustle which only requires $100 start up capital then look no further: BICYCLE FLIPPING – The New Flip Download at http://TheNewFlip.MrNoFluFF.com

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