ENTREPRENEURS: How to Turn Lead into Gold {The Alchemy Formula}

ENTREPRENEURS: How to Turn Lead into Gold {The Alchemy Formula}

ENTREPRENEURS: The Alchemy Formula, How to Turn Lead into Gold

ENTREPRENEURS: The Alchemy Formula

Hey gang, I’m so proud to teach you the alchemy formula, I’m going to teach you the alchemy formula. But before I dive in and explain the alchemy formula, I want to explain that there are multiple alchemy formula. This is the general alchemy formula that I had developed, it took me years and years and it is very complex and I tried to figure it out to make it very simple but as you can see it’s still a very complex idea and it’ll probably change as I discover more alchemy formula or secrets of the world.

So what is the alchemy formula?

Alchemy is the ability to transform, there’s two types of alchemy; you have the outside alchemy of the material gold from X to gold, and then you have the inside alchemy which you transform from a lower level of consciousness to a higher level of consciousness or awakening. Remember, there’s two types of alchemy, you have the interior alchemy and you have the exterior alchemy, so before the wind blows this off, let me dive in and explain what this is.

So the very first thing is your belief system divided by faith, many of us don’t know the definition of faith or belief, they think it’s the same but it’s not at all. A belief system is an opinion that you have about something, and you think it’s true and the belief system usually may change through time, like if you are in high school you have a belief system and in college you have a certain belief system. So belief system is an opinion that can change through time; but faith is not a belief system, faith is belief plus action plus confidence. So faith is a belief system plus action plus confidence. Let me give you an example, when I decided to live in the car, I have a belief system but I also have I faith that I will become a millionaire even though I don’t have any money, I didn’t have any credit, I didn’t have any connections, I didn’t have X, I didn’t have Y, I have the confidence and the action and I decided to live in my car and I have confidence that I’m going to make a million dollar business and I have a belief system. So faith is your ability to jump, faith is your ability to not have that parachute and then leap out of the airplane, faith is the ability to not have the answer, not have all the tools and still leap forward into the pit of darkness even though it’s scary and you don’t know what’s going to happen. It’s very important that you understand this formula because it says belief system is divided by faith, so I don’t care if your belief system is 10, if you don’t have faith, if your faith is zero, I don’t care how much belief you have in yourself, right? “I think it’s going to work, this is a great idea, and it’s going to work” it’s all your belief; if you have no faith, if you’re going to take zero action, guess what? It’s not going to work because faith is the bottom, so if you divide it by zero, it’s always zero. I don’t care if your belief system is one or million, if your faith, you’re not going to take no action, you have no confidence, you’re not going to get gold.

ENTREPRENEURS: The Alchemy Formula

If you do this formula, the end is gold, it can be an external gold like having money, you reaching your financial goals, you reaching you life’s purpose or it can be internal gold where you can have harmony, you have peace, you have high level of transformation. So this is the alchemy formula, there’s more alchemy formula, I’m just giving you the main one that I’ve discovered.

You have belief divided by faith and plus pain divided by suffering. Most of us don’t know the difference between pain and suffering. Pain is an external thing that happens to us that causes us discomfort that causes us pain to feel in negative way. Pain can be voluntarily like “I’m going to go to the gym and I’m going to do all the squats and I’m going to burn the sh*t out of my legs” I volunteered for it; pain can be involuntarily like you can get raped or somebody hits you or you’re riding a bicycle or you cut yourself, it’s pain. So pain can be voluntary or involuntary. So pain is externally that happens to your body; suffering is the emotion, the interpretation of the pain, it’s the subconscious level, pain is the actual physical muscle tissue being hurt in one sense to another, joints breaking, etc. Suffering is mentally, again, you can have a lot of pain but if you are not suffering, you’re not going to have change; and this formula is about transformation it’s a bout change, so you got to have pain but that pain has to have suffering to it. You can see that suffering is at the bottom so you divide pain with your suffering the more your pain affects you emotionally like “man I’m tired, I’m not dealing with it no more, I had enough of this” the better it is.

Now you have the belief divided by faith plus faith divided by suffering then you have that plus what I call heart multiplied by hard work.

What is heart? Heart is your ability to take risk, I explained to you the five epidemic that most Americans have, and my friends is they’re plagued with one of the ideas is risk “oh it’s risky man” so you got to have heart, you got to know that there’s risk and you’re willing to jump on it right? The second thing is that heart requires you to be knocked down and get up, be able to take the pain and continue forward, you got to do these stuff that you don’t want to do which requires heart. So the heart is multiplied by hard work, so what is hard work? Hard work is whatever your lacks are, it doesn’t matter, you’re going to persuade, get ahead, that’s hard work dude, hard work is doing whatever is required to get to your dreams, if it’s working seven days a week, seventeen hours a day, if it’s working nineteen hours a day, if it’s working five days a week, whatever it is but you’re going to put the hard work in because there is no magic pill, and this is where the market is, if you don’t understand this formula, this is the where the market is, the sales pitch and I spoke to you in the previous chapter, I tried to show you the flash to try to get you to buy for me. Now it wasn’t as bad selling you like other guys that cold call you, and never leave you alone until you put it on your credit card and go get in debt and use your child’s college degree, sales funnel and all these stuff. I didn’t do it like that, I just showed you the cash that you wanted, you saw it and you came, I didn’t called you, I never sold you, you buy it because you like it. So I wasn’t as bad as the other people. But if you don’t understand the alchemy formula, it’s easy for the marketing companies to fool you.

ENTREPRENEURS: The Alchemy Formula

So one of the things the marketing companies fool you is they fool you through thinking that they have a shortcut, there is no hard work, that you don’t have to put in the work. I’m here to tell you, this is plus but this two, heart and hard work, the real magnifiers that’s why you multiply them while these are dividing them or adding them, this is the magnifier, this is the amplifier, this is the multiplier. So anybody that tells you that there’s a shortcut, that’s a sales pitch, I’m telling you guys it’s hard; you want to hit the gym? It’s going to be painful, you got to pay the membership, but guess what, there’s a lot of benefits to it, you’re going to feel better emotionally, you’re going to be healthier, and you’re going to have all these benefits to it.

Let’s go back to the equation, you got beliefs divided by faith plus pain divided by suffering plus heart multiplied by hard work, once you get this equation, then you divide it by fire. Some of you guys probably don’t remember the sequence of doing this, you will do this first then you multiply it and you will do the second and multiply it and you will multiply the heart to hard work and you will add these up and then you will divide this by fire. So whatever you got in the equation, you got to divide it by fire.

What is fire? In the alchemy equation, fire is the most important thing to get the transformation to happen, so you got pain? Great, you got pain and suffering? Great, you got heart and hard work? Great, but if you have no fire, you’re not getting gold. What is fire? Fire is not taking no for an answer, fire is doing whatever is required to reach your goal, fire is willing to burn to change, change how much is required, if you’re going from solid to a gas, from a gas to a solid, whatever is required, you’re willing to do; and without fire, you’re never going to hit your goal. This is the marketers and other sell you, they sell you some of these ideas, let me teach you sales strategy, let me teach you closing techniques; and before I explained to you my VA system, I went to my previous chapters and explained these ideas because it really doesn’t matter any of these stuff, what really matters and the divider, the fire. You got hard work, you got this and this but you got no fire? You’re never going to make it. So what I teach at the dojo is the foundation, the fire then later on, we focus on the higher level of skills; but what’s happening in our educational system if it’s like college or if it’s like the guru’s, they’re teaching you all the zoom in, trying to just kill you on the gym workout, because they’re trying to make you so sore and trying to teach you how much you don’t know but they don’t really focus on growing this fire, because without this fire, none of all these stuff matters; when you come to the dojo, I believe in you, I pump the fire into you and as I explained to you guys earlier that I was a loser kid in high school, and my coach did and why talk about him? He pumped that fire into me, he helped me harvest that fire to blow as hard as possible, no matter how my life is, and no matter my disabilities are. So the key is the fire, that’s the main dominator here; now you need all these other things to get gold but if you have n fire, you have a belief system, you’re going to take no for an answer, you’re going to just keep coming, you’re not willing to change, you’re not willing to just let go who you think you are and become who you should be and not willing to leap, then you got no fire, you can learn all these stuff, you can learn all the closing skills, everything but you’re not going to learn fire.

ENTREPRENEURS: The Alchemy Formula

Remember, when you get all these stuff, you get gold and there’s two types of gold, you have the outer gold, and the outer gold is the material things, my Mercedes, my bicycle, that $20,000, my bling-bling, I’ve been there and I had the disease, the epidemic disease, because what happens is all the marketers, all the guru’s all the TV’s, they’re trying to sell you on this gold, the outside gold, the bling-bling. But what I’m trying to teach you is the inside gold, so here’s the thing, I can’t spell but I’m trying to change your life, I’m trying to help you understand the inside gold and everybody and their momma is talking about the outside gold, but what I’m telling you is you need both these things to hit gold, you just can’t have one, that’s why I got sold on one and I got the epidemic disease that I need more stuff, that I have to grow, that I need that, even though I didn’t buy the need idea but I bought the growth idea and I cashed paid for it and then I got at the top of the mountain and I didn’t have joy, only I got happiness if I bought more stuff but what I didn’t realize is the alchemy transformation of the inside gold, so you need both of these if you want to have true gold, if you want to transfer your life, you need financial success, you need mental success, you need fitness success, you need success internally, that you can be a true artist, you can be whatever you want to be even if everybody and their momma and your momma and your daddy tells you, you can’t; no, I got the fire, I am gold, I am the creator’s seed and I’m going to harvest gold, not only I’m going to harvest the outside of it, I’m also going to harvest the inside of it. And what I want to tell you is that once you harvest the inside of it, then the outside, you might not need 10,000 sq. foot house; if you want it go ahead, this is America, do it, but maybe if you have 10,000 square foot, you’ll be happy, maybe not, you might need 500 square foot because you’re single, you might need only a thousand square foot because you don’t need that space. So instead of focusing on the external gold, once you have the internal, the out will shrink up, you might not need as much gold externally as you think you did, as this guy told you because he showed you his billions, Rolls Royce or the bankers told you. If you want to live in a million dollar home, you got to feel it in a certain way, but the truth is you made the vendors rich just like I did, I’m not personally talking to you but if you buy that hype, you’re going to make those vendors rich, you’re going to make BMW rich, Mercedes rich, all these people rich and the inside, you are not going to have because you didn’t realized there’s two types of gold, internal and external; if you want to master the formula, I just given it to you after years of studying it guys.

Now there’s an alchemy formula for business, how to make money with no money and I’m going to talk about that right now, but I hope you understand this guys.

Alright guys, this is the alchemy formula to start a business with no money in America. To be an entrepreneur is very complex, I can write books and books about it but I’m just making it three simple steps because that’s the easiest way to look at everything, to simplify it. I’m a master of simplicity, I can’t spell so I got to take complex idea and make it simple to make me understand it, if I can understand it, you can understand it because it’s so easy right?

ENTREPRENEURS: The Alchemy Formula

Number one is that in America, in universities, the small business associations, all these financial guru’s will tell you “hey, start a business plan” so you got a business plan and that business plan is going to make you basically get in debt, it’s negative money guys, you are in debt, you’re enslaved. The second guys these business guys wants you to do, most people in America, professors, PHD’s, whatever, they want you to forget the infrastructure, I can’t spell infrastructure so I will just write store front, so what is this store front, it’s the infrastructure, that means like if you’re a piece of business, if you want to start a business, then you have to get the oven, you got to get the in house refrigerator, you have to get all these little cars, you have to get the dough maker, you have to get the POS, you have to get the computer, all that stuff, the infrastructure. If you’re a real estate investor, then the front store is you got to get your LSC, corporation, your logo, your website, and all these stuff. If you’re a realtor, they’ll say get your license, get your MLS fees, pay your office dues, all these infrastructure. Now, what that does is it allows you to spend this much money to buy stuff because store front is just stuff. And then three is they say, open the business, and market. And that’s what I will tell you on step number three, to open your business store and then do an opening and then people are magically popped up and come to your business even though there’s so many businesses down the street and there’s so many advertisements in the world from driving to your cellphone text messaging to emails, everywhere. And the truth and the fact is that if you do this, you can have success in America and from what I’ve heard and I’ve read is the odds are one out of ten so nine failed. But here’s the thing, they don’t just failed, they got knocked out, why? Because now they are in debt from the bankers, so now they can never be an entrepreneur again because they took so much risk and now they’re f*cked and they got to get a job. I just don’t believe in that, I don’t believe if I’m the bird, I’m going to get in the nest and I never flew before, I don’t believe you will power me up with a bunch of load, I’ve never jumped before. And so that’s why I came up with the alchemy formula, but before I did, I want to make sure you understand this, that most professionals wants you to go this way which is the other way is the untraditional way and what’s the traditional way is this way which is getting a JOB; but the untraditional way, the path that I’m not taking is this way which is like business plan, infrastructure, open door marketing. But the problem is like I said, by the time you get to this level, you have so much on your back, you have all these bills, you have to pay your landlord, internet, insurance, the bankers, and all these things and your chances of flying is very slim.

The alchemy formula in business and I found this out because I stumbled through it, here’s the thing guys, I found the alchemy formula and I studied 4 or 5 businesses and how to use it and guess what happened? I lost money, but guess what? I didn’t lose the banker’s money, I lose my own money which is good because I was not in debt and I lost my money which helped me learn the alchemy formula, relearn it again because I realized, why do I lose money on these businesses where in the first one I make so much money? Because I used the alchemy formula. So if you remember number one, two and three which is open door and market, that’s the professional way to tell you; what I say is go the other way. So if you want to be let’s say an investor, then what you need to do first, number one is going to be inverse, you’re going to do number one, marketing, if you want to be an investor you do the marketing, you don’t have to worry about the store front, you don’t have to worry about borrowing debt, loan, you don’t have to worry about that, all you have to do is marketing, marketing divides into two parts guys, you have free and you have paid. Let me give you an example, I’m a professional marketer, I’ve been marketing since high school, I’ve been doing sales since high school, I sell personal training to old people when I was in high school, so I got to be tough asking them hey I need 1,200 dollars, some of us can’t even get $1,200 at 30 or 40, we’re scared, I was in high school selling to people, I didn’t even have a business card, website or cellphone. So marketing is very crucial, even though I’m a pro marketer, I still use free marketing; let me give you an example, this book, I didn’t even spend money in marketing, just very little like 10 or 20bucks on Facebook marketing, 99% of it was free marketing and before I finished the book, I sold 52 very selective smart people that saw the opportunity and jumped on it, I want to thank you guys very much, I know you’re very smart, you’re going to have success, but for those 50 people, they paid me $5,000, to round it up, so now I’m going to take this money for marketing for my next book, so this is what I called house money. House money means that you didn’t have money on jeopardy, I didn’t have to put up any money, I just did free marketing, I made 5,000 and now I could lose all these 5,000, why? Because I didn’t paid a dollar for it, but in realistically what happens is let’s say I paid 20 bucks out of it for Facebook marketing. So out of these 5,000 I paid 20 bucks so I’m left with $4,980, that’s what I’m left with. So what happens is I take my 20 bucks, put it back into my pocket, now I only have 4980 bucks, this is all house money, this was never my money. So I did was 99% free marketing, 1% Facebook marketing and I put 20 bucks up, that 20 bucks bought me 5,000 and then out of that 5,000 I took my 20 bucks and put it on my pocket, I could risk all the remaining 4,980, I can lose all of it, I’m not saying I’m going to go gamble and play lottery but, I will gamble in me because when I gamble on myself my odds of winning is thousands more that if I ever play lottery ticket, I didn’t play lottery ticket, I don’t want free money, I work for mine. So when I talk about house money, this is what I’m talking about, where you put sweat equity in or you put very little money in and you take your money out as soon as you make your profit and the remaining is house money, now what happens a lot of time is that most people, again, most people will take this house money and they’ll go blow it, they’ll go buy themselves a new this a new that, they go eat out, they buy their kids, they buy X, they buy Y and they never grow. I have a student, he came to me in less than 3 or four days, I help him make $5,000, I don’t remember the numbers, 4,000, 5,000 really quickly, he got his money and spend it, later on he say his car got broken into and it was in holidays I rushed out there I bought my Sony laptop, my IPad and I gave it to him for free because I know his story and I can relate to him then later on I asked him, can you give me a review because I’ve done so much for you above call of duty because I’m doing coaching for you, I’m not supposed to come out here and provide you with my personal stuff, the guy said “no man, I haven’t made any money, I don’t made that much money” I’m thinking you make money with me during the first 3 or 5 days and the problem was with the money he made he went on a vacation, now he has to come back and do more sweat equity, free stuff he doesn’t want to because he’s used to this money. Therefore, I’m telling you this student situation is this is what happens to most of my students, they make some money, they have fun with it and they don’t put it back to the business, they are not going to put to it, they’re going to go have fun with it, but what I’m telling you is if you want to grow your money with no money and debt, you can’t be taking no profits, you got to put sacrifice, you got to have that fire. That guy have no fire, I got beyond call of duty, give him a laptop that cost a hundred dollars, that’s not even my duty, your car got broken, go buy another one; you spent your profit money, that’s not my fault, you’re car got broken in because your stupid ass left you backpack in broad daylight in your car, that’s not my fault, that’s not what coaching is about but again I’m trying to be my coach and go the extra mile because I want to build the fire in him but he wasn’t that kind that have the fire. So what happens is he spent his profit money, didn’t put it to his business and was mad about it. If you want to have success, if you want to use the alchemy formula, you got to take whatever the gold you got and you got to feed the gods, feed your soul purpose, feed that seed so you can have greatness. If you take that harvest and go have fun with it, go to a tittie bar and drink with it and stupid things with it, why should God help you? You didn’t help yourself.

So going back to the alchemy formula, if I don’t have no money, no problem, there’s two ways to do marketing guys, free or paid. So most of people tells you to start business this way where you go get in debt, borrow money, get store front, start a marketing; my business alchemy formula is very simple, you start with the number three first, you do the marketing first, and we talked about free and paid, once the market starts coming in, let’s say you’re a real estate investor, you don’t know how to talk to a seller, you don’t know how to negotiate, you don’t know how to give offers, you don’t have money, and you have no credit, it doesn’t matter, what you can do is pass it to another person, a professional, pro and work for free, get it to him just like my story I told you, when I first got my moving lead, I came from Houston to Dallas, and I got my first lead, the first thing I did is to give the guy for free, he made thousands of dollars, he didn’t pay me a thing. So one thing that can happen to you is you could pass it, you don’t get sh*t but you get education, isn’t that worth something? The first thing that may happen is get nothing, you get learning. The second thing that may happen to you is you take the lead and you give it to somebody and they’re nice guy like me and they’ll pay you, so you get paid plus you get learning and this is the dream of the dream, that is the alchemy formula, you’re learning and you’re getting paid. Another thing that can happen is you pass it to an investor and they f*cked you, they didn’t give you a dollar, how do I know? That happened to me, I was producing all these leads, it’s the crash I want to learning subject to, I went to IRA club, there was this guy talking sh*t, I gave him tons of leads and I followed him and the county called and I saw him closing these deals, mother f*cker lied to me saying he didn’t get him, didn’t give me a dollar. You’ll get f*cked but guess what, remember the main alchemy formula? It was called pain and suffering. When you get f*cked like that, it helps you produce gold, end of story. That guys f*cked me helped me. I don’t care if I fail, I had so much pain and suffering that I produced gold.

So three things can happen using my alchemy formula when you start a business, you get the leads, you give it to somebody for free and learn, you give it to somebody that pays for it and you learn or they f*ck you, and that somehow feeds back to the major alchemy formula that I discussed before guys and the third thing that’s going to happen is once you started learning how to do this, you already have the leads which means people are knocking on your door “I want to sell my house”. When I started my own company, I was living in my car, once I left as I explained on the previous chapter, I have people knocking on my door, I didn’t have a truck, I didn’t have contract, I didn’t have insurance, I didn’t have anything guys, but I do have people knocking on my door all day long, seven days a week, all 50 states; that was gold because I provided to a service provider and they start paying me and once they start paying me, I got a little experience in the business and I did what I’m trying to tell you, you take the leads and you run with it. And then number three is you run with it. Before, you were just spending your tires, now that will stick and you’re going, that’s where you go from very little money to becoming a billionaire because you now have the skills, you have the marketing, the leads, so if you want to start a business, you want to be a realtor, you want to be an investor, you want to start a moving company, you want to be a photographer, you want to be a computer repair guy, you want to be a AC guy or carpet guy, you want to be whatever you want to be, don’t get into debt, don’t get the infrastructures, get the customers, if you start with number one, you’ll never get any customers and you decide that this is not for you, I just saved you thousands and thousands of dollars in debt, in infrastructure, and bankruptcy. Because this is the key, if the leads are dripping out like crazy, it’s just a matter of time that your seed is going to grow into a big harvest, but if the leads are not coming in, I don’t give a f*ck what sales strategy you know, what closing pitch you know, what skills you have, what PHD’s you have, how much writing skills you have, how much X, who’s your daddy, who’s your momma, none of those matters; but if you have these leads coming in, it’s like rain on your seed and it’s going to harvest in just a matter of time, you just keep checking and you’ll going to get there.


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