Distressed Property Leads

Distressed Property Leads

Distressed Property Leads are the best leads to get the best deal in real estate investing.

If you want to buy houses at deep discount (60% off market price) or if you want to buy houses. by just “Distressed Property Leads” and you want to generate “distressed property leads”!

What are “Distressed Property Leads”? Simply put, Distressed Property Leads are motivated motivated real state homeowners that must sell their home because they lost their jobs or their behind on payments or some other motivating factor that’s making them force them to sell their home. In this real estate training video I will show you how to find motivated sellers for free.

I will show you where I find the best motivated sellers in the 2020 real estate collapse. If you want to buy houses subject to if you want to buy houses and become a landlord and collect passive income if you want to learn how to do fix and flip if you want to learn how to wholesale real estate the first thing is to find distressed property leads and in this video I show you how to do it


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