Commerical Real Estate Crash | How to short commercial real estate | Commercial Real Estate News

Commerical Real Estate Crash | How to short commercial real estate | Commercial Real Estate News

Commercial real estate defaults up? While it depend who you ask! If you ask your local tv show or real estate agent they will tell you more than likely “NO” I am hitting the streets and I see Commercial real estate crash is happening all around me. Today I will show you proof that the Dallas Texas commercial real state is in a downfall as you will be able to see Retails stores, business and malls all closing down all around me.

Of course excessively foreclosures are down that’s because the government has shut down but wait till it opens up the floodgates of real estate foreclosures will create a major correction in price of residential and commercial real estate properties all across the nation.

As owner see that the real estate asset is going is going underwater when it comes to equity plus as they see government closing down their businesses more and more motivated sellers will walk among us it doesn’t matter if you’re talking my commercial or residential In Dallas Texas and in Houston Texas and in San Antonio and Austin Texas there’s a massive commercial distress and on top of that in Houston Texas there’s major FHA loans in default because of the oil price crisis happening and since Houston is the oil city you can see the side effect of the commercial and residential that’s gonna ripple across the nation not only in Texas.

We can see prices falling in Canary in a gold mine state like California and New York where there’s massive rental crashes and price cuts as business is closed down and people move away. Even though there’s low interest rates and many commercial investors are borrowing money at near zero rights and building apartment complexes building offices but the problem is there’s a shift in the way we do business in America where there’s a big move to go online and digitally.

Especially when you consider bitcoin coming into play and when you consider jobs are not paying as much and when you consider many people are unemployed there’s gonna be a big push for everyone to buy online to save money which only means more devastation to the commercial real estate

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