Cold Calling is your Best Friend For Ever (BFF) for real estate investor or Agent (Here is why)

Cold Calling is your Best Friend For Ever (BFF) for real estate investor or Agent (Here is why)

Cold Calling is your Best Friend For Ever (BFF) for real estate investor or Agent (Here is why)

Cold Calling is your best friend if you’re a realtor a real estate agent or if you’re an investor. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rookie or if you’re
intermediate or if you’re an expert cold calling is what’s called your BFF forever your best friend forever and one of the best ways to generate business as a new rookie if you’re an agent or if you’re an investor is to do cold calling.

Download Cold Calling for Profits Course
Cold Calling for profits


  •  Generate free or almost free leads through cold calling, even if you’re starting out without any money
  • Start the conversation with any seller to get them engaged in the first 15 seconds
  • Get into the zone and overcome your fears of cold calling
  • Leave messages that get them to call you back
  • Talk to sellers to get owner financing
  • Automate by growing a team to cold call for you
  • Find the best softwares and tools to follow up for higher conversion
  • Build rapport with seller
  • Know what to say to a seller to get properties at 40-70% off market value
  • Sell over the phone without being pushy


(1) Real Estate Investors


Buy & Hold/Landlord Investors

Fix & Flip Investors

New, Intermediate and Advanced

(2) Real Estate Agents

New Agents

Intermediate Agents building their own team


(3) Business Owner / Entrepreneur 
wanting to generate free leads and get a high ROI*These trainings, strategies and techniques all the pros use can be used by any business looking to generate free leads and grow their business and sales by mastering the art of turning a cold lead into a potential client/customer relationship using psychological triggers and mastering communication skills.

Imagine Getting Free Leads and Turning Them Into Deals or Listings…

  • You’ll be able to talk to ANY Seller with confidence and sound like a pro on the phone
  • Wholesalers Get directly in front of the seller and gain real world experience and beat the competition too afraid to make calls
  • Fix n Flipper Investors save thousands in wholesaler fees, you’ll be able to get your own deals
  • You’ll be able to get funding from the seller aka Owner Financing instead of having to borrow from a hard money lender or a bank
  • Landlord /Buy & Hold Investors find properties without using your own credit by talking directly with seller
  • Real Estate Agents call out on FSBO’s, Expired, and your farm area with higher chances of converting leads into listings
  • You’ll be able scale and grow by building a team to cold call for you
  • Turn your liabilities (your monthly phone bill) into an income producing asset to get free leads

Does Calling for Profits Work?….YES

It’s How I Got Multimillion Dollar Listings…Bought House At 50% Below Fair Market…To Finding Seller Financing Rental Properties

I am American refugee. To say that this was difficult is an understatement.  My parents were illiterate and we were in a new country starting over. But with this hardship, I knew, even at a young age, that I was being handed an opportunity. 

I only had $100 in my pocket, but I turned it into a multi-million dollar moving company. I owned and ran that business for over 14 years in the Los Colinas/Irving, Texas location. 

But I didn’t stop there. I started three other businesses WITHOUT borrowing money from a bank, credit cards, or my family and friends. From Multimillion Dollar Listings to Multiple rental properties.

Life handed me an opportunity. I used my imagination, resilience, and hard work ethic to reach my goals. It wasn’t always easy. In fact, it was difficult most of the time. But my positive mindset kept me going.

Now, I want to share my experiences and knowledge with as many people as possible. If you have an opportunity that you fear is slipping away, NOW is the time to act. Let me show you how you can succeed by using what’s in your mind, heart, and soul.

Now Let Me Ask You…

Wouldn’t you like to know exactly how to navigate a conversation with a seller?

Don’t you want to have confidence to speak with any seller?

Wouldn’t you like to scale your efforts and be more profitable by having your own army of cold callers to do the digging for you?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could talk to any seller with confidence and turn your speaking skills into a high paying skill?

Don’t you want to get Owner Finance properties?


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