Build The Perfect Subject To Rental Income Portfolio For Landlords

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In crash of 2016 I was lucky enough to see that there’s a big crash coming in by 2018 and 2019 I had to learn how to buy houses from homeowners direct and a negotiate a deal where the homeowner would become my private bank therefore I didn’t have to borrow money from a bank to buy the house in other words I didn’t have to get a mortgage. 2021 is the same thing but on steroids!

There are so many homeowners that are behind on their mortgage payments in America today and in this video I will show you exactly how I built my landlord in rental income PORTFOLIO while using a real estate creative strategy called subject to investing. What is subject to investing? Subject to investing in real estate definition means there is a highly motivated home seller and they’re willing to let the real estate investor just take her over there mortgage payments simply put the real estate investor just steps into the home seller shoes and makes mortgage payments on their behalf but the investor owned the deed or tile of the house. The investor owns the deed of the house, but the seller is on the hook for the underline Mortage.

Therefore, this creative real estate stages only works with motived sellers. What is a motived seller in real estate? It is a homeowner that must Sell their home. The seller has no other noice but to sell asap. Here are some great examples of what motivated home sellers would be like someone going into a divorce and cannot afford to make the multi payments someone has lost her job and cannot make the monthly payments someone that just got a job relocation and cannot afford to make two monthly mortgage. And so on In this video, I will show you how I buy subject to rental incomes.

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