Best Side Hustle To Start with $100

Best Side Hustle To Start with $100

THE BEST SIDE HUSTLE TO START WITH ONLY $100 IS BICYCLE FLIPPING AKA ” BIKE FLIPPING”! Best Side Hustle is Bike Flipping was born from imagination and creativity because I had to provide for my young family of four.

I came to America as a refugee and after college I lived in my car to start my first business as I did not want to work for the man. With only 100 bucks I was able to turn that into three successful businesses in a span of 14 years: Moving company, real estate brokerage, and passive rental income from being a landlord.

However no matter how much success and money I made and how much material things I possess from $100K+ cars, to $20K+ Bikes, to rental properties, to having multiple office locations for my moving company I was always feeling sad and depressed. In other words I had a cancer of consumption the more I cumulated the more I felt bad.

When I would have success at first few days I would feel amazing and happy, however that would fake quickly I came to a conclusion thanks to the book “The Alchemist” that life was more than accumulation and that true joy and happiness comes from the inside, not from external material possession and therefore, if I can be truly happy with having nothing because the chemistry of happiness is in my brain, then I can also have joy when I have everything.

Therefore I donated most of my positioning’s to the homeless and close down my businesses and walk the path of Buddha and Chris did and I want homeless and walking, eat and helping out the homeless.

Fast forward a few years, now I’m newly married and have two kids that are both infants and I must provide for my family but the problem is I don’t have a job, I don’t own a business, neither is my wife has a job. We had decided to put our time into our kids versus accumulation. However, I need to pay bills!

Therefore I close my eyes and meditated on what I really wanted out of life and I came to the conclusion of what I now call “BICYCLE FLIPPING: The New Flip” the best side hustle that only requires a $100 to start the business. “Best Side Hustle” I put to the test the BICYCLE FLIPPING and did my first deal and bought a bike for only $100 and sold it few days later for 400+ in profits.

“BICYCLE FLIPPING” – The New Flip was born! I also created the new flip for my real estate investing students because I was tired of my students going to seminars and buying expensive real estate courses and never being able to do the first real estate deal. I was sick of tired of seeing students spend so much money and never being able to flip a house.

Therefore, when I was meditating I was meditating on the best side hustle for myself and for my real estate investor students. I knew in my heart of hearts that if my real estate students were able to successfully

BICYCLE FLIPPING then their odds of success flipping houses would increase dramatically. If you’re looking for a side hustle which only requires $100 start up capital then look no further: BICYCLE FLIPPING – The New Flip Download at​

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