7 Problems in 14 Days Ownership: 2021 Trek Domane HP Electrical Bike You Should Avoid At All Costs

2021 Trek Domane + HP / LT electrical bike I’ve owned it for only 14 days and I’ve had seven majors problems and it’s been in the shop 10 days out 24 days I have owned it. . In other words my 2021 Trek Domane HP electrical bike has been in the shop 45% of the time that I owned it. And Trekd Dealership and mechanics are not able to solve the problem. Today, I have taking my “Trek Domane HP” into bike shop 9 times now and the problem are not solved. The bike mechanic from trek just don’t have the skills to fix the ebike that trek sell! Now, if the Trek Domane ebike has any analog problems, then trek are able to fix it quickly however when it comes to electrical problems like the motor like the computer like the electrical wires then the trek repair shop has a very hard time fixing the problem on ebike they sell. I have taken in my 2021 Trek Domane + HP / LT to trek bike shop 9 times now and the problems are not solved.

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