3 Real Estate Investing Books You Must Get Your Hands On Before the Next Crash

3 Real Estate Investing Books You Must Get Your Hands On Before the Next Crash

3 Real Estate Investing Books You Must Get Your Hands On Before the Next Crash

3 Real Estate Investing Books Must Before the Crash

3 Real Estate Investing Books Must Before the Crash

  1. Real Estate Investing For Beginners: The Ultimate Starter Guide  (FREE BOOK OFFER)
    3.The Mother Course: Real Estate Investing. Everything You Need to Know About Making Your First Sale (and More…a Whole Lot More)

Hey gang this is Mike with MyRealEstate DOJO and in the next few minutes I’m going to talk about three books that you must get your hands on before the next real estate crash, so again I’m going to be talking about three real estate investment books that you must have before the next real estate crash hits. Now, I’m very confident we know that most millionaires in America have some type of real estate holder and you could very what I’m saying on the IRS website that most millionaire in America own some type of real estate, if it is rentals whatever they do but part of their income is from real estate, and you verify it like I said on the IRS website.

So what does that mean? The net crash is going to be a big opportunity for wealth exchange, so some people going to have a lot of money and when the next crash comes they’re going to lose their money and some people are not going to have that much money when the net crash comes. While these people are losing their money, other people are going to make a lot of money. For example, I’m one of those people the last crash which happened in 2007 fourth quarter. I made significant amount of money, basically about a hundred thousand dollars per single residential house that I bought. So I made significant amount of money in the last crash this 2007, fourth quarter.

When the real estate started to melt down everybody was running this way, where I and some other smart investors were running into the fire. So everybody was running out. Who was everybody? Home builders, investors, realtors, home owners, lot of home owners. Why? Because they listen to the news, they listen to the radio, they listen to all these people telling them how the market is bad, and so some people start panicking and selling their home which added into the foreclosure expansion that was going on that time. So the next real estate crash is going to be the same exact thing and there’s going to be a lot of people that have money and they’re going to lose their wealth, and there’s going to be people that don’t have that much money or have some money and they’re going to gain wealth because they’re willing to run to the fire.

So this is why I’m making this video for you guys because if you have these three books, not only you are going to be making money today in the real estate game. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to fix some flips; you want to do land lording, you want to do auctions, you want to do rent to own, master leases, if you want to do subject to straps, it does not matter. These three books are going to help you do that today, but more importantly they’re going to help you, prepare you up, give you all the tools that you need, all the tools so when that crash comes, which is going to be coming very, very soon you’re able to be the type of people that you’re now losing your wealth, when people are losing their wealth they’re running up there and buying it up and here’s the great thing, when this crash happens there’s going to be so much fear, so  much panic just like the 2007 fourth quarter there’ going to be a lot of smart people, Masters, PhD, doctors, attorneys and even the average people, they’re going to lose their wealth and they’re going to panic. When I mean panic they’re going to have supporting factors to help them justify their panic. For example, foreclosures is going to be up high, stocks are going to be crashing, the news are going to say the real estate is bad, TV is going to say the same thing, the taxi drivers are going to say the same thing, people on Facebook are going to say the same thing, all these real estate gurus are going to shrink because they lost a lot of their money and you’re not going to see people on Facebook on YouTube on TV trying to talk about real estate investing. And when that starts happening all the smart people that have equity or no equity or margin equity it doesn’t matter as long as you have these three books that I’m talking about, it doesn’t matter if people have equity or not, you’re still going to be able to make money because there’s way to structure these deals. So all these smart people that have equity or no equity or medium equity or marginal equity or whatever the situation is, no matter how smart they are, they are going to panic and there’s factual, what they think is factual, the news, the radio, people they believe in, the anchorman, the professionals going to tell them “yeah it’s horrible now guys, real estate is hitting it hard”.  And these people are going to be very motivated to sellers because they have mortgages on their home, maybe they can’t pay their mortgages anymore because they lost their jobs or maybe their bankers decreased their credit limit because most of us live on credit. So they haven’t had credit cards and they used to have $20,000 of spending limit now they have $5,000 all the credit start tying up and they are going to become very motivated, who are they? these home sellers when the crash comes and they’re going to want to get out of these homes and it’s not going to be like today’s market, they know they want to get top dollars, no everyone is telling the economy is sh*tty, everyone, their TV, their radios. Refer back to 2007-2008 if you don’t believe what I’m saying, and these people are going to realize that someone may not have significant equity, some of them can’t afford anymore, and some have lost their jobs because their companies have lost their jobs or closed down because of the crash, so they’re going to be very motivated to do what I call creative financing.

What is creative financing? Let me give you an example of creative financing. Creative financing is an idea like subject to, where you’re able to buy somebody’s home without qualifying for a loan, without stepping into a bank. All you do is you buy their home subject to existing mortgage, let me say it again, you buy their home subject to their old loan, they’re on the line note what do we want to call it, so let me put it in a very simple way; all you do is, they’re very motivated, they can sell for whatever reason because the crash is here, people are probably not going to get lending bankers have decreased their lending and so these sellers are willing to just let you take over their monthly payments. Now guys, how do I know? Because in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010; I bought a lot of properties subject to, all I did is advertise to motivated sellers and I bought their house at a deep discount which at that time their home don’t have that much equity, so the majority deals I did were deals that I just took over people’s mortgages or I got their house owner financing, I just give them a note, very, very powerful. And in the next crash, there’s going to be a line of people that are going to be so motivated that normally they would never sell like this, they will never sell like this, but this time they’re going to.

Let’s dive in and talk about the three books that you must have for today and for the crash to come. The very first book you must have is actually a hundred hour course, so it’s a lot better than a book, a hundred hour course which is about two weeks of training and it’s called the mother course and my mother course, I talked about the whole aspect of real estate investing; how to find the deals, how to fund the deals, how to pay for it without using your own money including creative ideas, how to do sales, how to do negotiations, how to do cold calling, how to do marketing, how to do land lording, so again it’s the mother of all courses. It talks about land lording, it talks about fix and flipping, talks about how to buy houses at auction, like lease, like IRS tax liens, it talks about master leases and you get a 171 chapters and it’s the only course you need to be able to do a deal today but more importantly when the crash comes because the book not only talks about how to do deals traditionally like all the other guys talk about, by getting money from a hard money lender or borrowing money from a credit card but when that crash comes, all these people are not going to be lending because they’ve already got burned. What my mother course does is, besides go over the traditional way of funding, I go through what’s called creative imagination funding where we use the seller as the bank, and there are many different ways to do it from master leases to subject to, to wraps and my book covers all that stuff guys, that’s why it’s a 171 chapters and there’s no fluff, right off the bat we get into it because my job when I wrote this book is to help you get one to three deals in 59 days, without you paying me $25,000 for coaching fee, it’s a coaching in a box, if you have the will drive to make it happen for you, this is all you need, but if you need somebody to baby sit you and push you, then no book is going to help you guys. You got to have that will persistence inside you. So the very first book I recommend is called my mother course, it talks about everything under the moon and the stars about real estate investing so you don’t have to buy another course, from land lording to fix and flips, to where to get the money, how to structure it, create a financing sales etc.

The second book you guys need to get is called my VA exponential and in this book, I show you how you can use the power of the US dollars and the currency exchange and hire people in third world countries with college degrees that speak great English with masters or PhDs to work for you and your company for only $120 a month to a $150 a month. So again, you are going to get a full time employee or worker with the masters or college degree that speaks great English and they’re going to work for you for four dollars a day, they’re going to work eight hours a day for four bucks, anybody can afford that because your Starbucks cost more than four bucks, so instead of getting Starbucks you can hire a team member that’s hungry, motivated in third world country, that’s willing to stay up because there’s like a 12-hour time difference and they’ll start working. They’re hungry, they’re motivated, they know the language and they’re willing to work the night shift to help you reach your goals in return you’re going to pay them more money they can make in their own country, thanks to my creative idea called the VA exponential, I show you how to use the US currency to find people in third world countries, they’re very smart, they have computers, they have internet connection and they’ll be your right-hand man, you got four, five or whatever you want. What can they do for you, they can do all your marketing for you like send text message and emails, do your cold calling, answer your incoming calls, they can do all your back end work for you, like go to county clerk’s office and pull out the expired, I mean the evictions, their foreclosures, they can get on Craigslist and build you a list of motivated sellers to get on Fizbo.com or for sale by owners and other websites like that and build your list so you could have this virtual assistants, an army of virtual assistants less than a couple of hundred dollars a month. Can you see the power of that, of a having an actual human being that’s smart, that’s driven, that’s hungry, that are willing to work grave night shift hours, which means like when its 2:00 in the morning, they’re up working for you, can you see the motivation, you’re not getting a minimum job worker like that or not motivated they don’t want, they hate their job, you’re not getting that, you’re getting some guy that’s really hungry he has learned two languages, he’s willing to work for you for $120 a month, listen to what I just said $120 a month not a week, a month that comes to basically four dollars a day live in less than for dollars a day and they can work eight hours a day for you, they can do variety of different stuff. And I get into my book of how to hire them, where to find these people, how to train them, how to filter them, it’s called my exponential VA book, it’s right on my website at my real estate dojo.com, all these books are on my website, if you go on there you can read the reviews guys, there’s tons of people that bought this book and they’re telling me that book is worth $5,000, I’m only taking $1,500 for this course. This book has hours and hours of advanced training on how to find these people, how to give them bonuses, how to pay them, how to structure, what paper work to use, everything you ever need, and you can read the reviews inside of this world guys.

The next book I want to talk about is called my 39 no fluff marketing boot camp, I used guerilla marketing to find motivated sellers because you can’t find a motivated seller that’s willing to create a financing or willing to sell you their home and 60 cents on a dollar, what a realtor you’re not just going to do that, you’re not going to find one on the MLS it just doesn’t happen, you have to know the word you go fish with this fishes because these fishes are gold mine. And in my 39 marketing boot camp, I talked about three ways to find them and I also talked about ways you could pay to find them. I’m a high believer of using no money or very small amount of money to make money, in America that’s what makes America great and in my mother course I talked about that and how to do that and my VA I definitely talked about that, how you spend $120 or four dollars a day and hire full-time professional to work for your company eight hours a day, and in my 39 fluff I also talked about that because I show you how to do three marketing to find these motivated fellas, motivated sellers, so you get those assignment checks or you get those rental properties, you get those fix and flips depending on your goals. Now, I am having a sale on my 39 no fluff marketing boot camp, right now I retail at $200. I’m letting you guys at it for 19 bucks because I’m so confident that if you download this and you implement it, you’re going to get money and then you’re going to come reinvest and get some of my other tools. Now the other great news is my mother course, it retails for $1,500 again it has 171 chapters, it talks about real estate, there’s no other book out there like it today, but right now I’m having a flash sale for $325 of two weeks of intense training about fix and flips, where to get the money, how to find the money, how to find the people, how to talk to them, how to negotiate with them, so again, retail at $1,500, today you could download it for $325. When the special runs out and if you be watching this video in a couple of days or a couple of months and if the special is not on my website, then it’s over guys so please don’t contact me and say – hey can I get it with that price, the answer is no, I run a fair and honest business, when the opportunity is there, it’s there for everybody, I don’t discriminate, when it closes, it is still a great book; if you look at the reviews, top notch. Everything I do, I go the extra mile and I over deliver because I don’t do this for money, if I did this for money I have three businesses at home in Texas that I owned, and I was making seven figures that I started with a hundred bucks, I had rental properties, so I don’t do this for money, I decided to let go all this stuff and pursue my passion to help you guys out, and I’m very confident that if you get these three books which is the real estate investing books, the next crash that it comes, it’s going to be an exchanger, you’re going to be on the side where you’re going to go up instead of going down especially if you take action.

It’s very crucial you get these books today and take practice because when the crash comes, for example 2007 fourth quarter when the crash came, if you had just got into real estate, well it took you a while to learn this so you’re going to miss your opportunity to buy these houses were like I bought a house at 3054 Rambling drive, I gave the seller like two or three grand and then just took over the payments; five, six later I sold that property and I equity cashed out like $67,000, mean while my five, six years that that I owned it, I rented it out and I made about twenty five thousand dollars monthly cash flow after paying all my expenses, after paying the taxes, after paying the insurance, after paying the principal, the interest. So if you add the 24 and the 76, you can see that off a deal that I got for $3,000 that I didn’t go to a bank, I didn’t go to a hard money lender, I didn’t used my credit card, I didn’t have to borrow money, the seller funded me to deal, all I have to do is make their back payments because they were behind three months and that’s all I do, I don’t make their bank payments up, pay for their closing which roughly was about three thousand bucks and I ended up making like, I don’t remember exactly right but more than three hundred dollars monthly cash flow from them month after month and then I got an equity cash out at the end, and I didn’t have to go to a loan, I didn’t have to sign a promissory note, I didn’t have to use my social security number, I didn’t have to use my company EIN number, I didn’t have to do any of that, and who was the person that I bought the house for, they were firefighter man, they were firefighter, I was helping them out. I saved their credit, now they’re able to buy another house, they don’t have a foreclosure on their record, and every time I made the payments, it boost their credit and when I sold it out just recently just maybe like eight or nine months ago, it helped their credit, now they could go buy another home because that time it was the crash, and something that happened they couldn’t pay the payments anymore, I don’t remember it’s been so long.

So this is crucial, why you have to get these three books now even though the crash is not here, you can still learn it but more importantly when the crash comes, that’s when you’re going to make all the money. But you need practice, you need to have practice if you get to the batting cage and keep batting because if you take these three courses, all you really need to know about real estate but you have to spend a lot of hours you have to study, the mother course is over a hundred hours of advanced video training, the VA exponential is not any less and same thing with the 39 marketing boot camp, there are a lot of content, so you have to learn these stuffs and you have to get in to the practice and start batting so you have some experience, you actually do some deals because when the crash comes, you’re going to be able to make money, you’re going to be able to buy properties for a dollar just by giving somebody a dollar and then taking over their payments, you guys don’t believe it, every house that I’ve ever bought, I’ve only give them a dollar for auction, that was it or consideration; only a dollar, that’s it I don’t give them anymore. Imagine tying up properties for a dollar, imaging just taking over houses payments for $3,000. If you want to rent an apartment, let’s say the rent is fifteen hundred bucks, of you want to rent a house let’s say the rent is fifteen hundred bucks, well you got to come up with the rent money and the deposit, that’s $3,000. So what people pay to get into an apartment or a house rental is what I did to get an income-producing asset without using my own credit, without using a down payment, without going to a bank just because I had these three knowledge’s, three books that I’m giving to you right now because the next crash is coming.

How do I know the next crash is coming? Let’s go through the numbers, real estate is high everywhere in the nation guys, stocks are high as hell, interest rates are as low as it can be, everything is in a bubble, even Bit coin is in insignificant bubble, all cyber currency is in bubble, everything you look around is a bubble, everything is up, what is not up right now, it’s like everybody and their mama can do real estate deals, there’s so many people out there talking about it, because the market is hot. Everything is up, but guess what? When things go up what happens? Just look at your lung, (inhales), what’s the next thing (exhales) that’s just the way life is. So just think about it, everything is up there’s only so much the lungs can take, the next thing is the exhale, and when it exhales people are going to lose their money and some people are going to get wealthy, and if you get my three books, you’re going to be one of those individuals, you’re going to realize how to buy properties without using the bank, you’re going to know how to buy properties without using your credit, you’re going to learn to buy properties without using your own money. You’ll learn how to deal with motivated sellers; you’ll learn how to find them. And if you want to borrow money, I talked about that also, I talked about traditional ways to real estate investing in creative ways, so it’s up to you, but I’ve show you all in my mother course.

To summarize it up, you should and you must get my three books, it’s going to change your life, just look at the reviews, I’m not just making it up, people that I’ve never met in my life or never shaken their hand, they’re giving me testimonials, they love this book because I put my heart into it, I put my love into it, I didn’t just do it for the money, I want to see you get a check. Again, I quit my seven figure business that I own for 14 years, I didn’t have any credit cards, the company was debt free, I make money, I didn’t have debt in the bank, everything I’ve dreamed of, to be a public speaker and to change your life because I believe in changing people’s life, that’s what my purpose in life is; it’s not about making money. So if you invest in yourself and you commit, I have the stuff, cheap as hell right now, mother course is $1,500 now $325, the marketing boot camp, I sell it for $200, I sold so many, I was on amazon’s top seller list, I’m giving it to you for 19 bucks guys, you don’t have 19 bucks, you don’t have 325 bucks, you’re committed to your investment then real estate is not for you, you may have to go to jobs, you may have to wash cars, because if you can’t come up with 325 bucks, then you got to get a JOB, you got to get your imagination and creativity because the crash is coming, and this is a wealth builder. If you take action, this will work for you, if you don’t take action this is never going to work for you; if you’re lazy this, is not going to work for you. But if you are willing to take action, America is the best country ever, just three books and it’s going to be a life changer, this is what I used in the last crash to change my whole life. And I am very confident that if you take action and you read this and you invest it in your brain, you’re going to get exponential return. Hustle and bustle, don’t take no for an answer and I’ll see you later.


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